Creating Wikipedia article on SAFE network

I’m aware of the removal of the Maidsafe wiki, but I think that now there have been consistent testnets up, there should at least be a wikipedia page to facilitate growing interest in the project. Anyone know if there is a draft of the wiki page floating around we can work with?



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Don’t have the time this red-hot second, but I’ll be thinking about it. Probably wouldn’t be to hard to put at least a sketch of purpose, history and progress.

If anybody else wants to do some of the grunt work, I’ll probably be able to put in the edit and polish. Anyone interested, send me a PM.


There used to be a page about MaidSafe, but it got deleted in 2015 because the content was “almost entirely based on primary sources” (among couple other reasons). You can read about it on page deletion discussion @Wikipedia

+1. Yes, that what I was looking for in vain.


A Wikipedia article should be based on news sources such as these to prevent it from being deleted


Wikipedia is much like Huffpost. If you know an editor and are willing to pay the fee, you can get a page up and it will stay up.

If you prefer going the natural route, you put up a page and maybe it sticks. There’s so much politics in the editorial process, it’s time consuming just to know all the ins and outs of getting sticky content up (on both).

Then again, is it worth a few hundred quid to get it done right the first time? I’m asking, not advocating.


The way I see it is an article on Wikipedia would be pretty good marketing/advertising. Certainly worth a few hundred “quid” :slight_smile: if that’s what it takes.

I seem to be one of the worst grammar Nazis here and I’d be happy to proofread the article. Just take my suggestions with a grain of salt. English is my fourth language.

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Hey I’m actually working on a Wiki page for another project (Factom) and my 2c … We tried to create something awhile ago but the effort ran aground. Trying again this time and a few tips:

— People directly associated with the project can’t write the page. So, no team members.

— They’re looking for secondary sources stating that the technology is notable. That’s really the main thing.

I’d consider starting by looking for quality, unambiguous third-party sources from well-known papers / magazines / institutes of stature, etc.

You can do something basic, front-loading these quotes and some basic info about MaidSafe. And then, if it sticks (if they don’t take it down), fill out in a more detailed manner.

I’d help out if I had any more time to spare, but … Good luck! Would love to see this happen.