Creating a simple application

Well, whatever the case I’m glad you found your answer. Can’t wait to see something cool on your end. If I misunderstood you somehow then I apologize. I’m not as experienced as some of these guys in this field. Sorry for any misdirection. Happy coding! :grinning:

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I agree. A “Hello World” example application is needed.

The launcher RFC gives some clues on how to run applications on the network. You can also deduct part of its implementation.

Maybe the most relevant:

Reads and Mutations by the App

step 0: App will connect to the Launcher Background process using Launcher-IP:Launcher-Port.

step 1: All GET/PUT/POST/DELETEs will go via the Launcher. The App will essentially encrypt using App-Specific-Symm-Key and pass it to Launcher Background Process which will decrypt and Re-encrypt and sign it using normal process (currently MAID-keys). For GETs it will be the reverse - Launcher will eventually encrypt using App-Specific-Symm-Key before handing the data over to the App.

step 2: Since App-Specific-Symm-Key is recognised by Launcher only for current session, there is no security risk and the App will not be able to trick Launcher the next time it starts to use the previous keys to mutate network or read data on its behalf.

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Absolutely, but not just one, because no single hello world application will cover everything - there are many ways to build an application, and these are multiplied on SAFE network because its different from what most people are used to, including myself.

But for what its worth there are several applications around that one could start with. I was exploring the SAFE DNS example myself yesterday, but it would not be helpful to suggest one of these without knowing if it was suitable, and not practical to write a menu for someone to choose from. Hence my questions.

So @alinakipoglu I would like to apologise for whatever it is you felt from my questions. There was no intention to waste your time. I am busy too but I wanted to help. I love helping, and so what if you think its showing off? Ignore that and its win win.

I’m happy to leave this now by renewing my welcome to you here. I’ll also try to help with your app if I can, and there are lots of others in the community who can help too.


I think he´s right, unfortunately there´s not much to what developers can be pointed to. The thread could have been much shorter without the etiquette/question style talk.

Thanks a lot for all efforts to answer my questions.

@happybeing If anyone needs to apologise that is me. I apologise for miss interpreting your help.

@Artiscience i tried various different things to fully understand that. Because for some reason i got totally different answers. Which is what expected from a totally new technology in this scale. Also from time to time i know i get extremely frustrated when i get stuck into something. I am guessing thats was the main reason for the long discussion.

Looking forward and wishing all the best to everyone.