Create secure address with dices to store Maidsafe coins on a paper wallet

Spent some hours researching how to store Maidsafe coins securely.

One off the most secure ways to store MAID that I have found is to create an address by throwing dices and then paste it into “wallet details” from a downloaded page of from github, run Ubuntu on a USB stick and open page file from a second USB stick (with removed network connection, pgp- and sha256 check of text files and downloaded files).

By throwing 3 dices (1-5=1-5 and 6=0), 33 times, to get a 99 b6-address which is then used to create private and public adress from “wallet details” inside page file.

Is this a good method and level of security?


I think so.
Also maybe not a bad idea to make enough copies of the private keys on different mediums and locations (e.g. what if house burns down…).
For example (mentioned in this thread).
But if that is too expensive or you are really paranoia (someone could monitor the addresses of everyone who orders @cryptosteel) maybe a Number & Capital Letter Punch Set?

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Good point, definately make many copies, paper and usb that is then placed on different locations. Did also forgot to mention that the USB with Ubuntu and bitaddress on should probably be erased by for exampel “dban, boot and nuke” or that the usb’s with bitaddress file and ubuntu never be used again.

I Did watch a clip on youtube with a guy that lost 800btc when exchange got hacked and then another clip from defcon event that said passphrase with less the 6 letters where emediately stolen by hackars monitoring the blockchain. So conclusion became to better do it right from the start. :slight_smile:


Something that I never got figured out is if you can bip38 encrypt a btc-address or if it do not work when importing private key to omniwallet in the future.

You can ‘bip38’ encrypt and also decrypt the private key of your btc-addres (using a passphrase of course) with e.g.
Omniwallet doesn’t support importing a private key in ‘bip38’ format.


That answer was right on the spot, thanks.

Another similar approach is flipping coins to generate the 256 bit private key

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I just realised that I have stored all my maid on a paper wallet with bip38 encryption. Will I ever be able to get them out if Omniwallet doesn’t support importing that private key format?

Edit: All good guys I found the answer in the forum. Happy I haven’t lost them forever :slight_smile: