Create Custom Shared Vault Section

How would a group of developers share a vault section? We don’t want to run on the shared network ( Thanks!

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You cannot share a section, you could run your own network similar to the community network created months ago.


How would I set up such a network?

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I’d start by reading this
and then the thread quoted above from end to end, then I’d get properly familiar with the CLI commands by connecting to the existing shared-section.
Just shout for help if you get stuck at any point…


Any particular reason for that? Your privacy is assured - but not the permanence of any data you store - not for now. Later yes but not now.

I appreciate a response, but that thread spans from December 2018 to March 2020. For such a basic question, I don’t think I should have to read through over a year’s worth of a thread. Is there a quicker way to learn how to set up such a network?

Tbh, I think the Safe Network community needs a StackOverflow experience where answers appear at the top and responses are voted on. I would like to get an answer quickly and then I’d give back to the community by posting an automated solution on GitHub. This isn’t a slight on anyone in particular but a general observation.


Your observation is dead on. However that IS the situation. This is sadly not a fantastically well-funded project. The decision was taken pre-COVID to get rid of everyone who was not an engineer/dev except for one admin person. This would seem to have been generally a positive move. Sure its not what we wanted but thems the realities…
So our comms and marketing are not as great as they should be. THe community IS starting to step into the breach but seriously the forum is our main channel.
If you have any pointers for us on getting a Stack Overflow experience set up then I’m sure your advice would be gratefully received.

To get to the basics of your question, the answer sadly is no, there isn’t really a faster way to find out. Also bear in mind, this is a moving target , a LOT of work has been done since that thread started and much has changed. It is very possible that if you did want to set up such a network, there are many on here who would like to participate and give advice where we can.
However I go back to the supplementary post I made, whats wrong with joining in on the shared-section we have running already? Your data will be as secure as your password/passphrase combo.


I’m not sure what problems you may face, but at a very high level what you’d need is something like this, I think:

  • Run a baby-fleming on the server you plan to use to share the section with others. You can use the CLI as suggested above, once you have CLI and the safe_vault binary installed:, all the instructions are in that User Guide.
  • Make sure the port 443 is open to public (for UDP I think should be enough), or at least to the users you plan to share it with, and give them the public IP address of that server.
  • Each user who wants to connect to that section shall create a file named ~/.config/safe_vault/vault_connection_info.config in their PC, with the IP and port you shared, e.g. "".
  • Then each of them can use CLI for installing/starting safe-authd, creating/login to a SAFE account, and for connecting to the network, again, all instructions for those steps are in the User Guide:

As said, very high level flow, I hope it helps, if you do it, I’m sure you can then ask for each problem you face and here someone will jump in to help for sure.


This may be a dumb question, but why can’t we just use Stack Overflow for dev questions? I was actually a bit turned off by the fact that my forum submissions are censored. I’d rather have dumb/inappropriate questions down voted like in SO.

As for the desire for a separate section, I would like to create a Nuget repository stored in Safe. The idea is to prove the speed improvement of the Safe network. The Nuget server would run locally and search for packages in Safe and use as a backup (if not found in Safe). Thus, I would get people to help run a network by running vaults. It seems that what defines a network is the vault connection server (see If you change the vault connection server, I think you change the network. So it seems I need to create a new instance of the vault connection server and then point all vaults to that server. As I write this out, I’m wondering if I could just get a bunch of folks to run a vault that points to the Shared Section and get the same effect?


Do you mean that you can’t post until you have read a certain amount on the forum?
Its a mechanism we have had in place for quite a long while now, It stops spammers and trolls fairly effectively and it means that many n00bs find the answer they are looking for without the devs having to repeatedly answer the same questions phrased in many different ways. We see it as improving the level of discourse in here.
I’m sorry if you see it as censorship, its really not intended that way at all and I personally apologise to you if you felt that way. I would not like to thhink that it would deter the genuine seeker of information about the project.

Most likely, the answer is yes. Coming up soon, the project NEVER gives dates but we are confident pretty soon now, you should be able to run your own vault or set of vaults from home as part of a shared section.