"CrashPlan for Home" (backup service) is to be discontinued

CrashPlan is a very popular backup service, and it was announced last month that the ‘home’ version of their subscription service is to be discontinued.

I like the idea of using the SafeNetwork for backups!

Would anyone like to comment on what they currently do for backups? I was using CrashPlan and am now looking for a better solution. I quite like the idea of using cloud storage together with a client of some kind, rather than an ‘all-in-one’ such as CrashPlan.

That is all.

It’s annoying when this happens. I used to use Wuala, which was great but apparently didn’t make the parent company enough money so it folded. I now use SpiderOak - works on Linux and Windows, end-to-end encryption, Android client as well (but only for downloads) and unlimited clients included in the subscription. The UI takes a lot of getting used to though.

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