CrappySync v0.0.1 Released (win64 + linux64 client)

Here we go with CrappySync :smiley:

it is a Sync-Client written in python (GUI with QT) packed via pyinstaller :smiley:

it works with the current test-net + launcher


  • windows/linux synchronizing of one folder (plus subfolders)
  • all additional files/folders will be synchronized across all clients+safenet account

missing features:

  • no recognition of changed/newer files
  • no deletes possible (all local deleted files will be downloaded again with the next sync)

Steps to use it:

  1. download the current Launcher
  2. download your windows/linux executable (on ubuntu you might need right-click -> mark as executable)
  3. start launcher and log into your account
  4. double-click sync-client

ps: the ubuntu client seems to not work on one of my pcs … i think that one is broken in some way … if others have this problem too please notify me =)
windows users should be fine i think :open_mouth:

pps: i didn’t yet push my changes at the py-safeAPI i hope i have some spare time soon to do that (i’m totally new to github…)… sooo much to do lately … sorry it took me so long to release something useful xD …

ppps: yeah performance isn’t the best :smiley: maybe someone better than me will create a better sync-solution soon :slight_smile:


Good start.

When you get it dialed in as a real Dropbox replacement, are you going to change the name?:wink: Might market better.


hmmm - ok - yeah - i might rename it when you can delete/update files again and when i have a osx-version too :smiley:

you might be right xD

(and there are some minor things that really need to be improved with the current client … )

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Looks good - great to see so many apps emerging for SAFE. How do I access the files that have been synched on the SAFE network, or is that functionality not available yet?

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Is it open source?.. can’t make out if that labelled test is the code for the executables or just testing it.

oh - you just install the sync-client on any other pc and the files will be downloaded to that pc too

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absolutely open source … yeah … the tags aren’t perfectly set by me :open_mouth: the is the synchronizing script and is the extended python API :slight_smile:


Ah, OK, got it. Thanks!

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also not a problem to sync from windows to linux and back :wink:

functionality is very limited for now but what works does work well afaik =)

ps: oooookay - i really didn’t plan on writing a really helpful and performant app here … but i have some ideas that could make this app way more performant than i expected first Oo maybe this really can become something useful =)
…no promises though … we’ll see how things develop :slight_smile:

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Hi @riddim, pretty cool to see more apps coming up.

I tried it on ubuntu 16.04 but it crashes with a “Segmentation fault (core dumped)” error. I get the authorization request inside the launcher, then I can see in the launcher logs that it fails to create a directory and then the app crashes.

SafeLauncher version is 0.9.3. hope it helps.

EDIT: python version is 2.7.12

hmmm - okay! yeah that sounds like 100% the fault happening on one of my machines too!
thought i just managed to break something on that machine …

Thanks @DavidMtl good to know there really is a problem and that i can see it on my side too =)

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is the executable standalone or do I need the other py files?

the executable is a standalone one-file-app =)
(that is why i chose this approach … i thought it would make things pretty cool … when running without errors ^^)

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Let me know if I can do something to help you figure out the problem.


thanks a lot! :slight_smile: i suppose it comes from me mixing the non-Qt-threading with Qt-usage (running a loop in parallel to the gui-stuff and the loop uses some gui-variables/functions… that was supposed to be the “quick and dirty” solution for getting a first MVP :smiley: ) …

I will have a look in the Qt-Threading-stuff within the next days/weeks - that will enable e.g. an upload-status-bar with percentage-visualisation for up/downloads and i think it could be worth to rework some stuff to enable modifying / erasing data too =)

i’m very positive that problem will disappear when i start using all functions as they are meant to be used xD
(that might be the time to rename the project then @fergish =)


I love the name, you should stick to it! :purple_heart:


Yeah once you get this polished up you’ll be moving in on dropbox’s turf fast. Tho I’d get that delete file function cleared up quick if I were you. Even a simple right mouse menu option that sends a command to the safenetwork to delete the file would work.

I love your crappy apps!

They always make me feel so crappy I mean happy! :slight_smile: (PS they’re not crappy in the slightest but it’s a great name)

Seriously great work though, your pySAFE has many fans and followers so it’s always great to see updates there! Keep it up!! :clap:


Also it’s good to see less politically correct devs and app names. I remember way back when CCleaner used to be CrapCleaner but then they changed it to make it more PC. It was a sad day, the app still worked the same but it was just kind of sad that they were being so conformist for no reason.

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Good stuff… Luv the name. Keep it. I can see the Wired magazine headlines now “CrappySync unseats Dropbox” or Tech crunch review. …Nuttin’ Crappy About CrappySync. Or CrappySync releases its Enterprise version “Really CrappySync”