Court of Public Opinion: The Top Corporate Criminals (firms)

Maybe this is a voting thread. Maybe its a capital strike, divestment starter. I don’t know.

The typical list probably looks something like this:

  1. AG Farben.
  2. Monsanto
  3. Exxon
  4. AIG, Goldman Sachs, Citi ,BofA
  5. Koch Industries, Enron, Union Carbide
    6 Blackwater, Carlyle, Blackstone
  6. Dabeers, Wakenhut, GEO, CCA
  7. Merc… vaccine corps
    10 News Corp, Fox, Comcast, AT&T, TMobile, Associated press, WPP Group, Omnicom, Publicis, NY Times, LA times, Worldcom,AOL, FaceBook, Double Click, lobbying firms, ALEC
  8. Amway, Audi, GM
  9. Strongholds for these firms within certain private and even public universities.
  10. Government agencies and commitees captured by these firms and there retained puppets.

No one should have any stock in any of these companies and we should be pushing hard for market alternatives to them so we can ditch their products too. And we need methods to just really clamp down and eliminate their offensive behavior, especially their offensive extractive vice constructive for-profit activity and their election and political manipulation. In addition to divestiture we need ways to isolate them and yank their charters and expel them from major markets. How’s that for a response to the Powell memo?. The essence of the Powell memo was society for the sake of business, but that’s a state of affairs which is pure tyranny. Business can never be more than a servant, it can never be the master.

In the end almost all of their bad behavior is made possible by sponsored media and political systems that allow it. So really, really News Corp and Comcast and AT&T should rank above AG Farben.

You forgot the governments that sponsor these companies, or fail to crack down on them even when crap comes to light (other than some smoke-screen fines and an “oh but you shouldn’t.”)

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You’re right. Captured government!