Could We Ever Have A Truly Free Internet?

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Air remains free, just, but only because business has not yet found a way to privatise it.

It is not physical constraints that affect whether something is “free” or not, but the culture that decides under what terms something is accessible or not.

Show me a lion that pays for dinner :slight_smile:


Freedom is a state of mind, or an illusion or as is some lyrics, freedom is to have nothing to loose…
Internet is infrastructure as highways or water pipes and as such its needs to be built, maintained etc… and everything like this demands recurses as manpower which equals money… Why should Internet be truly free when food ain’t??

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Fancy you mentioned that. Where I lived in the 90’s (rural) the state government through the local council was going to charge us for the rain that fell on our land.

The excuse was the water which we held in tanks or dams on the land didn’t get to the government dam on the river. Something like rate * mm of rain * land area owned * size of tanks/dam.

Mind you all the water we used on the land went back into the river anyhow so it would have been double dipping. That government lost office, I wonder why :slight_smile:


True food is not free but consider you can grow food with soil, water, sun and heritage organic seeds vastly reducing the cost of food. True such food wouldn’t be free, you still need to maintain the soil, provide the water, make sure the plants get sunlight and replant the seeds every season but since the seeds can be harvested from the previous generation, water can be recycled, biowaste can be composted and returned to the soil and sunlight is in abundance your costs are moot and the food is effectively free. Consider the same for internet. True it needs the inferstructure to be put up but once that is done why the additional cost? And if the net can be run off inferstructure that already exists in abundance why could the net not be free? We already have computers and cell phones. We already use routers for other purposes. So why can’t we cut out the middle man with the net the same way we could with food? Why not grow our own internet the same way we would grow a garden?

Air has been privatized. There’s a company that sells bottled air to China because the air is so bad there. For the rest of us clean air is in abundance but anywhere something is a scarcity it can be privatized. If you were living in space or on the moon or something you’d have to worry about air privatization.

The lion also hunts for it’s dinner and if the hunt goes bad it goes hungry. Show me a wild lion that can call for room service.

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It should be free period. If not soon there will be a way to charge us per word uttered. Sorry not a very good response. Let me try again.

Yes it can be free and really needs to be free. 5G tech on mesh makes this possible and it seems aglomerated mesh standards with mesh on IOT will drive it. At least that’s the opinion some pros have recently expressed.

But specifically this 5g mesh gets rid of the scarcity and the toll road so that people can’t play games with enclosure and access because when they do you get censorship and anti neutrality. In particular when they can corral attention with any kind of premium or modal game you end up with sponsored media and you then lose your political voice and rights. Sponsorship is a speech/thought filter that enables propaganda and dumbing down through enclosure/access games. Political representation is a long shot to begin with but you lose it for sure once the sponsor filter sets in.

It becomes a world where so called employers steal your rights and corporate employer bosses vote for you when they aren’t telling you what to do.

When I leave the ideological thought and consider Internet as infrastructure in the society similar to access to water, electricity and roads, and if I also consider what is happening just now with technology in this area, then I see that the price for transferring information all over the world is soon null and in this sense is Internet is moving in the “Free” direction, because when the resource is so abundant and the price so low that we don’t even consider it as a cost, then it is free in the same way that I don’t consider the cost for a glass of water.
I also strongly suspect that mesh on radio will newer, ever replace the fiber-based Internet we have today. I reality are the radio part, even in a mobile network, only capable to handle the short distance between the base station and the mobile and the need for more capacity are always solved by reducing this distance even more by installing more base station and therefore move even more of the total load to the fiber. True global radio-based mesh networks are possible to build but I don’t believe, or I am even sure of that they will never have the speed, capacity or latency compared with the technology of today and for certain not for the future.

VI would have agreed but I do believe we’ve recently had the largest leap in communication tech ever and by a extream measure. I believe the new tech eliminates spectrum licensing and white space issues- makes the licenses irrelevant, eliminate scarcity, eliminates interference even the physical proximity kind, provides orders of magnitude more bandwidth, brings latency into the sub milisecond range, drops power consumption radically 1 or 2 mw range, extends range, does not need a back channel or base stations or towers. And this cognitive radio, soft radio, 5g mesh mimo stuff actually simplifies hardware and antennas and requires less transistors and hardware complexity/cost and is backwards compatible to a degree with cheap adaptors and is compatible with LiFI and free space optical and for transoceanic can use low Earth orbit sat or long flight drones. It seems perfect for Safe Network and mesh of open verified hardware end user owned handsets.

All that would be left out of the plant to cut the cord on telcos and cable and their backbones might be some desire to link to the assets of large data centers, but even so why pay the fee? A lot of laid dark fiber could go municiple wireless.

It reminds me of reading about how for profit utilites (which never should have been allowed) what to keep out net zero homes. I thought why would they ever have a say? They serve us, not the otherway.

In my opinion there are no we and them, its us struggling forward with no obvious goal. In a personal sense the goal is death, but in an wider view the goal of humanity are our children’s future, my own personal priority is always the children as they are the owners of the future and my hope are theirs legacy.
I choose my enemies very carefully, Apple against Microsoft is not my battle, and its not me against my neighbor, for now… Its not me against my government! We had an election and I didn’t agree, so what… Change is inevitable, change are in such speed that the human mind is nearly not capable… to handle… Young ones can handle it better compared with me, an old retired man.
Change are here, just the fact that Maidsafe is an issue are proof of this :slight_smile: I am also a winner because the future for me, even if I don’t have so many years left, is so much better compared with my parents and ancestors. I might even have had a small part in this positive trend as I have worked with mobile communication development all my life, and I have seen its progress and the benefits for humankind. That thought gives me meaning and purpose…


With that adblock warning…my guess is “No”.