Could we build a special temporary one for Wikileaks?

it would be good advertising, if we cant this time perhaps we could time it to go live on another good cause?

Nah, Wikileaks smells like a limited-hangout to me. Good for getting Swedish groupies to throw themselves at you (which is alright!) but a bit misleading in its supposed intent. They publish stuff that, while kind of embarrassing to, say, the US State Department, is of limited effect, never anywhere near earth-shattering. Or publishing the membership of the BNP. Wow, they really like to take on dangerous adversaries; such courage! [/sarcasm]

And, as far as I know, they have never leaked anything seriously damaging about, say, Israel. Makes me go, “hmm…”

SAFEnet can do much, much better. Orders of magnitude better than the absurdly piddling Wikileaks.

For example:

I would like to see the complete personnel records of all enforcement employees of the US government, for a start: names, addresses, photos. Ditto for all members of all major wall-street firms and all the major banking families, and the secret ownership records of the members banks of the Federal Reserve. Just how hard can that be?

EDIT: Here’s the thing: Wikileaks and people like them, ostensibly have the nannyish goal (evemn if we can take it at face value, as I doubt from my comments above) to make “the system” honest. By contrast, I would like to see the metaphorical equivalent of a stick of dynamite planted in its nether regions.


We live in strange times. I find myself agreeing with @bluebird on a non-technical matter…

As I say, very strange times.


Clearly, I’m falling down on the job, if @Southside is agreeing with me on a non-technical matter. :smile: