Could this be a new way trade MaidSafe? Particl Decentralised Marketplace

I’ve been following the Particl project for almost eight years now, it always felt to me like a sister project to MaidSafe in as much as it was trying to create true decentralisation. Today it launches its decentralised marketplace after a similarly long development process - Downloads | • Blockchain Privacy & Marketplace.

So why am I bringing this up? Because the beta of the marketplace which ran a while back for around a year ended up being used as a decentralised exchange of sorts. Coins were being traded for other coins via fixed listings.

I know availability of MaidSafe has been something the community have been keen to address so this could provide another way to buy and sell, and because it’s truly decentralised there is an argument it’s more secure and reliable than a centralised exchange.

The entire Particl decentralised marketplace runs off of the native currency called PART and all trades have to go via PART, so a MAID to BTC trade would need to go via the following route MAID>PART then PART>BTC.