Could the SAFE Network be fooled by fake traffic?

I had a listen at this and wondered

What if you could buy traffic for your SAFE Network site cheaper than the price of a SAFEcoin? People just love to game stuff, I forgot how this will be handled.

I suppose if you could “buy cheaper garbage removal” by enticing people to remove little bits each at a cheaper overall cost than paying the garbage removal experts then it is gaming the removal industry.

Same thing basically for paying people to access your APP to get dev rewards, and hope that paying people is less cost than what you get from rewards.

But the kicker is that as more people access your APP the more caching will kick in and reduce some of those rewards. Diminishing returns is very likely.


The thing with the example above is that instead of people they are using bots to generate traffic.

It looks like it all boils down to how much it costs to get a publicID, use the basic template to create a new site and drive traffic to the site.

Caching will affect bots more than it affects diverse group of people. To make bots act like people then they are not doing much since you are limited by the number of bots.

Also getting bots is costly compared to the rewards you would receive. (EDIT: remembering that caching also reduces the effectiveness of bots)