Could The Human Brain Project be something we could collaborate with


Interesting quote "The Human Brain Project (HBP) is seeking High Performance Computing System solutions that meet the requirements of this groundbreaking project. In agreement with the European Commission’s Policy concerning HPC, "

oh, just read they have loads of computing power already…interesting though


Nice find, have tweeted them:

@HumanBrainProj HBP should build on the ‘globally distributed’ #SAFEnetwork utilizing your spare client resources

Human Brain Project is part of the FET flagship initiative…

I’m particularly interested in the FutureICT project ‘A CERN for the Social Sciences’ (video)

FuturICT would create a “Planetary Nervous System” (PNS) to orchestrate a high-level, goal driven self-organised, collection and evaluation of Big Data generated from sources such as social media, public infrastructures, smart phones or sensor networks.

The aim is to create an increasingly detailed “measurement” and a better understanding of the state of the world. For this, the sensing concept used in the physical and environmental sciences would be combined with machine learning and semantic technologies and extended to social and economic contexts.

Getting a top level project like FET to utilize SAFE would be a boon.


another interesting big data development:

IBM big architecture science

Yes, I’d love it, problem is they all seem to rely on massive arrays of centralised servers at the moment. It would be interesting to work out how many users we’d need to compare with the available computing power of these systems.