Could Prokey be a hardware wallet for MAID?

Guys I am new here, but i’ve been following the project for quite a while. I am generally happy to just follow the discussions, but as I bought this prokey thing and cant access my wallet i am just leaving here a warning for anyone who consider buying it. When i bought it it worked well for the first few days and showed all my maids there. After a couple of months without accessing my wallet, It appears that my prokey maid wallet cannot access the blockchain and therefore i have no access to trade/transfer/see my maids. I seriously do not recommend Prokey use any other wallet. I only bought because a friend who is an enthusiast of the maid project recommended, and as he is sort of a reference for me I trusted him. Anyway, that is my contribution and a heads up.


If you have the seed words you can transfer them to Trezor One and from there access your MAID. Look here how to use it:

And by the way, in computer security there is a rule that you use the most tested solution, not the new and shiny one …

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