Could Prokey be a hardware wallet for MAID?

Works like a charm :slight_smile:

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One more for thing I noticed…
Prokey supports segwit addresses (start with 3) for Omni Tokens
Omni wallet does not.
Good for lower fees


I’ve also moved all my Maidsafecoins to a Prokey hardware wallet and it seems to work great. The build quality is a bit plasticy and I agree with the fact that the screen brightness is to low. But it’s pretty easy to move your coins to the wallet. No struggles just works with the native wallet.

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Trezor from SatoshiLabs or just a simple cold walled created from Tails and is a prefered option. Just my 2 cents…

Is it also easy to move your coins out of the wallet? Pretty important to test that too.


Paper wallets are generally not considered a good option for storing cryptocurrency.

Hardware wallets or seed phrases are generally preferred.

Worth having a look at Storing bitcoins - Bitcoin Wiki

So-called paper wallets are an obsolete and unsafe method of storing bitcoin

A much better way to accomplish what paper wallets do is to use seed phrases instead.

Sorry to pick up on your particular post @fredbone, I see bitaddress mentioned fairly regularly here and feel it’s not good advice. It works when used properly, but can be hard to use properly and can introduce unnecessary risks compared with other methods.


Using software without a physical chip to generate randomness may prove easy to steal in the years to come.

In theory, in bitaddress you generate such a randomness with the movement of the mouse, but if you have more than $ 1000 in cryptocurrency, it seems reasonable to buy Trezor. Of course use our referral link, the money from which will go to the marketing of the Safe Network:

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I definitely agree Trezor is preferable to, but I am not sure if Prokey is preferable to Are you?

It is not, Prokey have no published audits, it is not open source (for the time being) and it has not been tested over time…

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Exactly that was the reason for my reaction. Rather than some unproven hardware wallet which could possibly add some layer of vulnerability. But definitely, Trezor is No.1 option IMO. :slight_smile:


Is there a link to instructions using Trezor with maid as I understand that the support on the device is not ‘native’ like bitcoin or eth. Thanks!

It’s insanely easy and comfortable to use.

  1. Get yourself a Trezor
  2. Setup your regular wallet
  3. Send MAID into your BTC address

Your MAID are now on your Trezor!

If you ever want to move MAID out, go to select your address and sent MAID


Yes it is very easy. You only need a minimum of 0.0002534 BTC available on the same address.

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Seriously! Is this new - I can’t remember it being like this a couple of years ago! So, it appears similar to an erc-20 coin below Eth - but instead it appears below your main BTC account?

Also, assume is safe and going to stay around? Otherwise the coins would be stuck on the Trezor? Cheers guys.

This is the correct address for the forked wallet.


How trustworthy omni-trezor is?

Around 42, I reckon.


Look here:


Guys I am new here, but i’ve been following the project for quite a while. I am generally happy to just follow the discussions, but as I bought this prokey thing and cant access my wallet i am just leaving here a warning for anyone who consider buying it. When i bought it it worked well for the first few days and showed all my maids there. After a couple of months without accessing my wallet, It appears that my prokey maid wallet cannot access the blockchain and therefore i have no access to trade/transfer/see my maids. I seriously do not recommend Prokey use any other wallet. I only bought because a friend who is an enthusiast of the maid project recommended, and as he is sort of a reference for me I trusted him. Anyway, that is my contribution and a heads up.


If you have the seed words you can transfer them to Trezor One and from there access your MAID. Look here how to use it:

And by the way, in computer security there is a rule that you use the most tested solution, not the new and shiny one …

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