Could get hacked, exitscam, get bankrupt etc?

I hold about half of my maid on there on was wondering how secure/reliable is

In omniwallet you can “backup” your maid as a privatekey (share this privatekey with no one)

If you make this backup please don’t store it on your computer.

with the privatekey you no longer have to depend on a third party (omniwallet).


Yeah but this still doesn’t solve the hacking or them going rogue side of things if they or hacker decide to send my coins to some private address

You can send your coins to a new private address, this solves both the problem of them getting hacked or going rogue. I’ve been in the cryptospace since 2011, unfortunately that doesn’t mean that I know anything. And honestly nobody can tell you if something is secure/reliable, nobody is an expert.

Not to make you depress, but malware can be on your computer right now without you even realizing it. Just do what you think is best, because at the end everything boils down to own responsibility.


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Yes it is best for long term to send most if not all coins to one or more “paper wallets” (addresses). This way no one can hack or steal them assuming you created your address keys properly. (eg offline

Also it is unlikely they will go rouge as they would suffer court action in a huge way. A hacker might be a problem. But if you use omni core rather than the web then its all in your hands isn’t it.

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Would be awesome if someone could confirm this

I ran omni-wallet a while ago when I wanted to move what MAID I had into new addresses.

What exactly do you need confirmed. It seemed a pretty self evident statement based on bitcoin blockchain existing into the future.

hello I was directed to this platform because I lost $ 700 on a bitcoin platform before and I contacted a rescuer who said I could transfer the money and withdraw it, can it be true? They create a tracking address and it is impossible to withdraw money from there and I think I have to deposit here to activate it, I would appreciate it if someone who knows the truth helps.

Hello and welcome @Gurcan_Tayfur!

What you are describing sounds like a scam. If you do not have the private key, no one can help you…

Hi @Gurcan_Tayfur

If you got MAID and your unfamiliar with privatekeys/omniwallet, please just keep your coins on Bittrex with 2fa enabled.

Creating a privatekey online is financial suicide, don’t do it unless your offline and know what your doing.
Creating a omniwallet account can be a problem, if you don’t write down your walletID and enable 2fa, don’t do it unless you know what your doing.

Sorry if I sound cruel not my intentions, in crypto you pay with your money for your mistakes, be extremely cautious with everything and everyone.

Thank you, I think it is not possible to recover the deposited bitcoins.These people take the account password and after we put a tracking account there, they say that we need to deposit money from us and they will activate the account.

They say that they saved my money from a supposedly fake site and that they laundered the money from there.

Yes, this is a scam. If they could recover your bitcoin, they would deduct a tax from it. If they want you to send them money, they are scammers…

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