Could not start safe-browser v0.15.2-linux-x64

I tried the last image of safe browser. It seems it could not find OPENSSL_1.0.2 I am usin OpenSuse Leap 15.2 which use version 1.1.0 but I was using an older version of safe browser without AppImage which was working fine. Have you any advice or comment ?

~/bin/safe-network/browser> ./safe-browser-v0.15.2-linux-x64.AppImage 
[main 22:24:36.708] › >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
[main 22:24:36.713] › whoops! there was an uncaught error:
[main 22:24:36.714] › In the main process
[main 22:24:36.714] › {"message":"/usr/lib64/ version `OPENSSL_1.0.2' not found (required by /tmp/.org.chromium.Chromium.UAcaop)","name":"Error"}
[main 22:24:36.714] › >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

hey @O_b_O, what OS are you on? (openSuse i see)

I think this error is that those libs are not where they are expected. I’ve seen this before without any solid repro case though. Solution was building/linking libs as needed.

Ideally this should be included in the browser. I know electron is looking at moving away from open ssl to avoid such build dependency issues, though it’s not there yet :expressionless:

Thanks for the answer, the /usr/lib64/ exists on my system I will try to compile from source instead of using image.


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