Could not connect to the network error



Are you on test 18 or test 19? Test 18 go offline this weekend. Test 19 are OK.


Yea… You need to keep an eye out for the latest test software.

Download the software here, and also follow the activation instructions.


You are using the Launcher. This no longer works. You need to use the Safe Browser to connect now.


Hah - beat me to it …


It’s great to see new people joining the test networks but this is the second in a short time that are downloading the incorrect software. Maybe we need a more visable permanent link to a page with up to date install instructions.


I think the links at still point to alpha 1 documentation which links to Launcher etc. This is why people go the wrong way, and most probably just give up rather than posting on the forum. I don’t know why @maidsafe haven’t removed that stuff.


Yes. I fell in to that trap when I first browsed over.


We do need fix that pretty quickly. These small things actually do matter a lot.


Just tweaked the site slightly.

Should be gone now.

Changed the front page banner slightly to link to TEST-19 dev update for now.


I honestly don’t know, since I joined today. Please help me find out.


Where did you download the binaries from?

Test 19 binaries can be downloaded from the test 19 announcement topic. So delete the binaries you have now and download the ones from this topic


Unfortunately you won’t be able to connect to the network yet, as you have to be a level1 member of this forum (basic level) and you are a new member. Level 1 requires you to read and post to a number of threads. Trust Level 1 Requirements

Alpha 2 should be along soon . There will be no restrictions on that.


I’m pretty sure the restrictions will be the same! The reason is the need to protect from attacks until some of the other features are in place.


Ah yes. I stand corrected.

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