Could AT2 be the answer to cryptocurrency's energy and performance problems?


Well well well! Haven’t seen a blogpost in awhile, I love it!

Edit: it’s not a blog post but an article! I’ll take that as well. Now to see if there is any mention of Maidsafe.

Edit 2: oh hell yes.

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It’s a very fine article, by an exceptionally talented tech journalist in the UK’s premier computer industry newspaper.

Very clear explanation of blockchain, what AT2 does and how, and some great quotes from David as well as the researchers behind AT2.


Here it is on hacker news:


Really great article that shows how SAFEcoin alone is a huge leap forward. We need to get more bitcoin loyalists to see this is just a better way to transfer value. Then let them discover that its just the tip of the iceburg of the use cases the SAFE network has.


Thanks for the heads up!! Tweeted :smile:


Excellent write up, not gone through it all yet but sharing away!

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I don’t think I’ve ever come across such stubbornly ignorant people as on r/bitcoin. Smh. Their view of how things work are so black and white. Nodes use energy so they are no better than bitcoin? Someone tell me where these people live so I can pay them a visit.


It has nothing to do with facts. There are plenty of very smart crypto people who I follow on Twitter and while they talk about alts, different ideas to improve blockchain and such, it’s always comes back to a Bitcoin maximalist point of view. When the network is complete perhaps easier to show and understand but many of them are stubborn to a fault.


Bah. Too late now. I only just saw this.

That fella in the r computer science post is having a decent crack. He’d be a good one to grab by the head in head lock and force him over to have a look :joy: he says he wrote the Wikipedia cryptocurrency page. Hmm.


Just looking at his timeline he’s the next Richard Feinman :joy: Not only did he write the Wikipedia cryptocurrency page, he’s also an expert in C++ (Objective and regular), a psychoanalyst

this is just how I as a psychoanalyst perceive religion

Who still finds time to moonlight as a theoretical physicist

As someone who write particle simulators professionally

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I’ll bet his mum still washes his pants though.


I must ask my pal, who has just recently left CERN, if “writing a particle simulator” is something that really should be left to a professional.


I bet @mav could give all these proof of work maximalists a run for their money, lol. Not a recommendation either as it’s probably a huge waste of time like talking to a wall.


I missed this thread some how and I’m just catching up. Great article! Really, really, good!

The compsci thread is excellent too. The whole cost to buy a coffee thing is such a simple, but an excellent point - you can have too much security and when true, it just adds cost.

When you are making a multi-million dollar transaction, you may want to pay a decent amount for security. When you are spending a few quid, you do not. This point is not debatable - it is a statement of truth.

As to how you it is implemented, that is the question with many interesting answers. It’s a shame some folk are too blinkered to this.

Edit: To add, the idea of a centralised ledger being a critical and essential feature seems to get in the way for some people. There is simply no reason for this to be the case, as everyone does not need to know about every, single, transaction since the beginning of time.