Corporatism is Crime

Its time to get rid of every business charter that is not of the cooperative or credit union format. Full employee ownership is the minimum. They can have one month to convert or face revocation of charter/injunction and immediate liquidation of assets with proceeds to be captured by the state treasury. Compliance by hitting random non complying corporations to accelerate motivation on the the part of any hold outs, big firms first. Huge tax advantages for organizations that get rid of their board-execs-management-supervisors and replace them with software. Use software and if need be physical means to wipe out the records and accounting/assets at all the worlds tax havens. Start substantial permanent indexed guaranteed annual income starting at age zero for everyone- enough to make work truly voluntary and optional. Automate out of the economy every repetitive and menial labor job . Outlaw any kind of media sponsorship, use smart non-conflict unsponsored (by law) search to replace it. Make attempts to role back these changes into crimes (corruption-conspiracy.) Lets keep in mind that businesses have no rights only people have rights and that money is not and never will be speech.

I think most of the times this model doesn’t work. It’s said that Steve Jobs could be quite hars for his employees, but on the other hand he made them all focused on ideas he had and changed the world.

The proper contrast is between AG Farbin and Mondragon. AGFarbin may produce good quality products but is history has been pure evil and its net contribution negative. As MLK said, means are ends. We cannot use evil backwards means to anything like satifactory ends. The psychic, spiritual and physical damage/cost the corporate model extracts wipes out any advantage it may have by far. And with current automation it doesn’t even have the denial it needs to keep going. Even fear is not a strong enough whip in the face of automation. The plantation is over.

But I’d go further. What constituted Jobs ultimate success even more than vision which he always had was finally much later in his career was his cutting his salary to a dollar a year and telling the parasite stock holders to piss off. Contempt for stock holders was the key. In a lot of ways he was quite liberal. Remember how he summed up Gates- too narrow would have been better if he had dropped some acid.