Coronavirus Mega Thread

Communists are scary. Mao and Stalin and Ceaușescu were scary. How many millions did they kill?
The scariest people are the ones who think their world view is the only correct one and are cheerfully willing to use extreme violence to convince others to their way of thinking. They’re the ones who cause the most suffering and death. I hope you turn your path away from the direction it appears to be taking.


For airborn virus particle filter (P3) is enough. You need face-mask rated TM3. In practice, the same mask and same filter used in asbestos remediation (TM3/P3) will be enough for respiratory protection agains viruses.

I am not talking about skin protection at all btw. In that case you would need overpressured coverall.

If I wanted live not only safely but also comfortably, I would prefer some light hood with rating TH3 instead of facemask. I had a chance to work 3 hours in office enviroment with FF mask and it was really not easy. Overpressured light hood was much better.


Not half as scary as greedy capitalist scum who are perfectly happy to see the death of those who cannot afford these masks ( of dubious efficiency)
The scariest capitalists are those who think their world view is the only correct one. These are the ones who cause the most suffering and death. I hope you turn your path away from the greed driven sociopaths who have perverted your thinking because they could afford to fill the media with their lies.

Seems like some apologists for greed-driven sociopaths don’t like their “logic” being fired right back at them and as is their usual tactic, try to get the message suppressed.

Get this “freedom-lovers” You are just as dead, whether from corona-virus or a bullet. Those driven by greed would prefer that many die so their own greed can take priority. The alternative is to eliminate the few sociopaths. Remember it is highly unlikely that you are in the elite % who will win eventually, no matter how “aspirational” you consider yourself to be. Your “freedom” is a lie. Admitting to yourself that it is a lie is very difficult , so you will run to nanny and try to get that message suppressed.
You are only lying to yourselves.
Never EVER forget, pricing someone out of what is essential for their health means you - yes YOU are every bit as guilty of murder as the one who pulls the trigger on the greedy capitalist parasite.

Seen through westerners eyes.

In Japan they wear masks if they have a cold/cough/etc to keep the virus (in your droplets) from spreading. Yes they wear face masks for other reasons, but Japanese and Chinese people both are very aware of their fellow, more community think then we see in western countries.

Obviously the masks do not stop you spreading the virus perfectly, but it does cut down dramatically the spread when you cough, sneeze and somewhat when you breathe

Oh and profiteering is not true capitalism, its what has resulted from greedy people who want to profit from people’s fear and illnesses


You are right, it is hard to wear a mask for hours. I would probably go for a P3 half mask, don’t know if it would be enough but should give some protection.

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This epidemic will run its course and an effective means of treating it will emerge, hopefully sooner rather than later. Signs from Australia are positive and the virus has been isolated and replicated so teams worldwide will have a reference sample to work against.

Note how the solution will come from teams of scientists working together - and for non-spectacular money, while the problem is exacerbated by grubby little “entrepreneurs” who lack the empathy and brain power to do something positive for society in general.
their short-term individualistic greed puts us all at risk. Yet these are the entrepreneurs we are supposed to look up to? Your western society stinks and the the so-called freedom-lovers are only interested in their freedom to take advantage of those less well-resourced than themselves.

I am often puzzled by communists. Ignoring their propensity for extreme violence, I just can’t understand their refusal to acknowledge that humans behave in certain ways. Would it be nice if we were like bees, and selflessly lived only for the colony, ignoring the needs of ourselves and our loved ones? Maybe. I can’t really imagine such a world, and I think those people would not really be what I know of as humans. But even if you do think it would be nice, surely you must understand that you are tilting at windmills, trying to overpower biology with philosophy. Wouldn’t it be better to harness the striving nature of humanity, rather than try to suppress it?

Are there evil capitalists? Sure. Those Chinese who sell fake beer that poisons you, or sell fake baby formula that poisons your children. These people are evil. Raising the price of an item is not on this level, I hope you’ll agree. Also, as I mentioned upthread, this behavior has the effect of increasing the supply of a needed item, which is part of the magic of the free market.

The invisible hand is a powerful force. Philosophy cannot triumph over biology. All you will do is kill millions of more people if you insist on trying, yet again, to make it do so.


Cool it with the “philosophy”, people. Take it to PM of at least Off-topic if you must.


Will you debate in Off- topic?


Nothing here in Scotland apart from a few folk who got extra special checks on a bad cough.

The UK govt wants to quarantine returnees from China in a “military establishment”.
Word is they want to use one of their bases in Scotland for this as it is as far from London as they can get.

Lets see if the corporate killer @Tom_Carlson shows up to try to defend his parasite pals.

Ain’t nobody killed nobody on here. Now hush up!

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AYe I know…
I havent really got time to do this, I am trying (again)to get on with the svelte tutorial that @happybeing mentioned

Aaaaaand CLI v0.8.0 is out. A far better use of my time :slight_smile:

I posted a bit of information (below) for anyone worried about friends or family that have a weakened immune system, through past illness or whatever

This material can raise immune response significantly
, and it’s very safe to use. Check out how the rats did when given the material and then infected with lethal anthrax spores. Hopefully they get it under control, just thought i would share in case things become more serious.


This is the reason why the virus will not be stopped …

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Can you explain? I dont understand…


The man in the video takes off his mask and spits on the first woman, then moves and spits on the second … It’s not an isolated case …


WHO doesn’t recommend limiting international transport.

A “Public international emergency declared” - not because of the virus capability, but to help the countries with a poor national health system.


China has been praised for its actions.

At what point do we lock the Ayr team in the office? And send supplies.

lol no, a centralized government is always inefficient and it always moves in the direction of oppression and corruption. It can’t care about or represent local needs since it’s too far from almost everywhere and everyone so it needs to work with idealized average people dealing with idealized average situations in idealized average ways. A centralized system can’t utilize only locally accessible information or people with locally applicable experiences, knowledge, and wisdom. Worse even, those with influence, the ones high up in the chain, are so far removed from the people actually affected by their ignorant (in best case; mostly also self-serving) decisions that they won’t ever have to face the damage and pain they cause.

This epidemic is a great example for the typical mishandling of serious situations by a centralized government.

The WHO can go f*ck themselves and their great Emperor Pooh. Imbeciles with no understanding of risk, playing with countless lives because some idiot put them in a position idiots should not belong. I’m so angry.

EDIT it seems decent localists agree: