Coronavirus Mega Thread

This article starts out strange but if you keep reading it gets interesting. Again, Bill Gates and his plans for the World.


After all that debate about a coronavirus tracking app. Well, it seems its trying to be introduced to France. It is said it is being opened for discussion but not being outruled. I believe current French laws prohibit geolocation tracking. They say it will be “voluntary” but my recent debate shows how that goes. Sorry about the french language and the paywall (or maybe signup) but its all I have for now.

Welcome to our new world!

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I can concede to that. Cheers.

OK, i guess this is an “opinion piece” that seems to be sourced but maybe with some errors? It is from a blog which some decree “unreliable”. For me personally that doesn’t take away from what is being said, I never got “fully educated” in a traditional way but I can do many things such as build a house, electricity, plumbing, masonry, carpentry, framing, make clothing patterns and sew, make music, draw, design build and run escape games (which is about ? jobs in itself, design, storyboarding, lighting, sound, electronics hardware + coding, construction, deco, accounting, marketing, customer service, etc).

Sounds “self-involved” yeah? It’s not, its nothing special, it is life, it is work, life is work, every day, not some 9-5 $hit where you can go home, forget about your family, your loved ones, your future, your past, your intelligence, and drink a beer and watch Netflix. The point is you don’t need a damned journalism degree to write a good, critically thought out, sourced article!

Its a piece about the possible consequences of these lockdowns… jobs lost, suicides, violence, loss of rights, privacy, freedom…

Have a read if you dare and share your thoughts…

Of course there are good, positive sides to these lockdowns, a return to Nature, protecting the vunerable etc but when we come out of all of this will we return to how things were? (Not to say how things were were great but maybe perhaps better than what is to come)…

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I think we can all agree on some of the same things.
People dying: not good.
Virus is real: probably.
Is the lockdown Draconian: depends.
Is something else going on: probably.
Will we ever find out the real story: probably not.
Do we like having our rights and freedoms taken from us: of course not.

My take on it is that this stinks to high heaven and it’s multi layered.


According to Professor Francis Boyle in this full and fairly revelatory interview - it Seems that the Pirbright Institute developed the vaccine some time ago…
I really do not accept the concept of an accidental leak at the Wuhan lab - the WHO might be the institition to take the fall…but so many of the economic and social consequences of this planned pandemic serve the globalist agenda perfectly…including a turbo boost for the largely conceptual us/chinese economic rivalry…I do not doubt Professor Boyle’s access to what must have once been highly classified information, but if his apparent candour really disturbed the gameplan I dont think he would be permitted to keep going…instead theres a massive twist of bias…Only found the full interview today and recommend listening in between the lines…
In UK news, as expected Boris is completely fine, apart from his brush with unfavourable ratings…solved by a short stint in a hospital gown breathing piped oxygen…now its all public goodwill, grapes and zero wrath…any minute he’ll do his churchill impression again. Waving a test kit and declaring how we must fight this with total inactivity and dutifully stay responsibly incarcerated awaiting further irradiation…whilst the 5g MMW towers are installed outside…the Pirbright Institute’s mouldy old vaccine is on the way so theres a drive to prep the population to line up in an orderly fashion…
I dont think its going to be that easy…thank goodness…people are not going to buy this spoonfed shite for much longer…thought creates and majority rules in this reality and we’ve all got much better things to be getting on with…

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Knut M. Wittkowski was a professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at Rockefeller University in New York for 20 years. He is a proven expert in modeling epidemics. He made his first determination in the 1980s when he denied the danger of an HIV epidemic in the heterosexual population - and kept it right.
In the current debate about SARS-CORONA-2, Professor Wittkowski is now declaring, based on data from the registration authorities and on experience with dealing with respiratory diseases, that the epidemic has already peaked.

stupid knut

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Lol, i knew someone would bring that up, of course it had to be you :joy: :wink: can’t help what parents call us. Lol, didn’t some woman call her son Vagina to make a point there in Cali, poor bastard :grimacing:

Anything particulary “stupid” or jes avin a larf there?

EDIT: I think you should have a listen there @southside, I know the audio is very difficult but if you can get through it you will probably find you agree with a lot of what Knut says…

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I would like to highlight the video shared by @Knosis in the post to which I am replying.

The audio is pretty bad but we have been looking for information about this virus from a “reliable” source. Mr. Wittkowski, imo, gives a lot of valuable information. I may take the time soon to have this video transcribed. As the politicians have been saying, “We must follow the Science”.


The only argument I can see against him happening, which I have seen in this thread already is that he is now “old and lost it”. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Anyone aside from the “loud-mouth skeptics” care to chime in? :wink:

Here is the professors profile/history on researchgate.

Here is an article on the video from AIER (American Institute for Economic Research).

Here is another video interview with the same professor labeled “part two”

Here is someone who did a mathematical analysis of the professors numbers available on github.

I did the math. If we did what Knut Wittkowski says, we’d have to quarantine 16% of the US population anyway (ages 65+) and 1.28 million people would die. If we quarantine ages 55+, we’d quarantine 29% of the population and 433 thousand would die. The full analysis is here

I found these last two links on reddit.

Concerning the github mathematical analysis on reddit one comment says:

One thing you have not considered is that among the 45-65y old people who die, the overwhelming majority has got some kind of disease. Stories of totally fine people of this age who die are anecdotal, very rare. These people know about their higher risk and would also quarantine. This would bring your numbers down considerably.

To save a repeat conversation about “cherry-picking” etc, there is already that conversation on the reddit thread with rebuttals…

To make clear, I am not “educated” enough to know if what the professor is saying is “right” or not. I am trying to find some “truth” in this whole situation and as I have said before I try to look at all sides of the story.

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Hmmm… he seems to be assuming the drop off of infection rates is due to the development of immunity, not due the massive distancing and isolation efforts.

He’s also saying it’s comparable to annual influenza, based on the mortality rate, but again ignoring the massive lockdown.

And why does he not mention the pandemic waves of the Spanish Flu?

“The [lockdown] measures have made the situation worse.”

I hope he doesn’t end up eating his words, when we witness it’s spread in populations in places like Bangladesh and India etc.

His concept (and also the stats analysis of he’s approach in the github link) also seems to be ignoring the runaway effects of an overloaded healthcare system, and the deaths from other causes as a knock-on effect.

It also assumes the death of 2-4 million people wouldn’t also have a massive effect on the economy of a country like America.


But, could I not say the same, you seem to be assuming the drop off infection rates is due to the massive distancing and isolation efforts.

He doesn’t ignore the lockdowns. He talks about that comparing Sweden to neighboring Scandanavian countries. And yes, he said he just checked the numbers on the deaths and it hasnt even yet hit the low number of annual influenza deaths.

Wasn’t the high numbers of the Spanish flu greatly due to the overuse of fever reducers?

We don’t know that yet do we? I hope you don’t end up eating your words when we all lose our privacies and freedoms all in the name of health?

Perhaps, but I have heard stories and seen videos of many an empty hospital. Why are they empty? I have heard because they are only taking “essential” cases. Also, add the reddit comment in there which actually reduces the numbers…

I don’t understand that, is that not an assumption at this point?

According to the github analysis your 2-4 million is overstated. Where did you get that number?

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No, I’m saying it’s not a fair comparison. Saying the seasonal flu with no interventions and Covid with very large interventions have comparible R0 and mortality, doesn’t seem sensible.

I mean he glosses over the an early peak being hit with the spanish flu and then it fading, onl for it to com back and kill even more people months later.

I’m sure folk at the time were claiming, it’s over.

Yes this is true, we don’t. So it’s a bold claim so state that the lockdown has made it worse.

This is an argument about bad adjacent political decisions, land grabs, and authoratatianism, not epidemiology. There are of course ways to tackle the virus other than no lockdown or totalitatianism.

If you let 100% of the population get infected, and have a hospitalisation rate of 12% (or should I say, 12% requiring hospitalisation), you have an entirely overrun healthcare system, but people won’t stop having stokes, heart attacks, car crashes, influenza etc. And they will die.

from that github analysis:

If everyone in the US was infected by SARS-CoV-2, about 4.78 million people would die.

And also

we’d have to quarantine 16% of the US population and 1.28 million people die .

But this is assuming:

his plan works perfectly, so everyone that is high risk never gets infected and never dies. He wants no social distancing, so that means everyone else does get infected.

Which is plainly utterly implausible.


Firstly, i don’t know what “R0” means? But either way, we don’t know what the numbers of Covid deaths would have been without intervention would have been, do we? Do we have anything else similar we could compare it with. Common flu has been around for a long time and has a very high death rate annually. Why were the hospitals not overloaded with those cases? Why was there no public /politician freak out about those cases last year or the year before etc?

Again, it seems this was due to the overuse of fever reducers.

By that logic, it is also a bold claim to say that the lockdowns have served any purpose at all no?

As you yourself state:

Why then have these other ways not been talked about and/or explored? Why then when someone questions the tactic they are told to “shut up and stay at home”? If you yourself recognise the possible tragedy that could be the consequence of these lockdowns why do you defend them so readily?

Again, that is an assumption, why then again are we hearing stories and seeing videos of empty hospitals that only accept “essential” cases. Personally, I find this to be true as my brother-in-law was accepted into a hospital as “essential” in the centre of Paris and was given his own private room, just two weeks ago.

I think that there is more information in the video than we are just talking about here. I mean, this guy, the professor, has been studying epidemics for what over thirty years. And we are able to shut down his case within five minutes of reflection?

As a questioner, share links from an “unreliable” source and be deemed a theorist, share links from a well established respected epidemiologist and suddenly we are all experts.

It just doesn’t make sense to me these types of discussions and those that are pro lockdown etc are biased based on their own assumptions and refuse to question themselves and what may be perhaps a mistake.

And before I am maybe labeled a conspiracy theorist, as i laid out above somewhere in this thread, just think of the domino effect as the reason why so many countries followed suite in the lockdowns.

As the professor pointed out, the lockdown in China happened after the peak [source needed]

In response to your edit:

This makes no sense and doesn’t follow what the professor said. His plan was not to have everyone get infected. He stated the vunerable should self-quarantine themselves until the epidemic fades out (about 4 weeks). So under his plan 4.78 million people wouldnt die. About the quarantining 16% killing 1.28 million, (which is lower than your 2-4 million) as the reddit comment points out this number would be lowered even by stopping adding people that were already dying to the number just because they had caught the virus while in the hospital/nursing home.

And to add, you are also again assuming this lockdown and social distancing is having an effect.

Edit: To state; in France Macron stated in his speech as for the reasons of the lockdown is to follow the scientists. Scientists are now showing the peak has passed and lockdowns aren’t the correct measure. Why now is France continuing the lockdown for another month, keeping kids out of school, making masks in some places mandatory (which are not even proven to have any effect, see scientific article posted somewhere above), trying to implement a “zombie app”, trying to eliminate cash… Do we see where this is going? Do we see the science is not being listened to?

Whereas in actuality the lockdowns were put into effect based on fear, fear of death, fear of losing votes, and now the abuse of rights, the politicians new-found power is being implemented.

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I’ve read that respiratory disease kills around 3.5 million people per year…and whilst theres still no standardised covid 19 test there is a respiratory illness test - anyone scoring low enough to qualify is considered covid-19 positive? wonder the crunched numbers dont suggest an apocalyptic event…the vaccines, waiting in the Pirbright Institute refridgerators might yet harbour an attempt to create one…but the global economy was never shut down for seasonal flu which figures suggest is a far bigger killer than this bsl-4 virology lab derived virus…
So all the demonstration of authoritarian power replicated by governments all over the world…installing a multitude of mm wave irradiating towers during the lockdown…the sudden push towards a cashless society, talk of forced vaccinations and the increasing loss of basic liberties on the basis of what may well be totally ineffective measures anyway…all of this as a ‘response’ to a virus which does not represent the degree of threat it has been marketed as…is presenting as a really shoddy hustle. Thankfully many people are waking up to this fact and wont be told what to think for much longer. This is a serious threat to those who seek to dominate us…who know very well that thought is creative and the majority rules reality! Thats why theres been such efforts to keep the populace distracted, separated and asleep for so long. And in spite of the ‘social distancing’ measures thats not working anymore. Have a great day everyone. Things are getting better by the moment!

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@remindmetweets in 2 weeks :wink:

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Two weeks, if you don’t start questioning now, may be too late with the rate the measures are putting in place. What will you do then?

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lol no

virus is real: definitely
is the lockdown draconian: definitely not
is something else going on: i lost my tinfoil hat a long time ago
will we ever find out the real story: this is the real story

(disclaimer: the chinese numbers were definitely cooked, and we’ll probably never find out the truth about that part of the story)

Hahah, here come the conspiracy theorist accusations instead of having intelligent critically thought out conversations. Follow the science man. Follow human nature man. Do you have any sources from the medical science fields to back your statements up? what is the real story? as you say.

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I follow the science, man. We’re a fuckton of lightyears away from being able to engineer something like this, and this is the last response you’ll hear from me about this since you can’t be convinced and I don’t have time for bullshit arguments.

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