Coronavirus Mega Thread

We seem to be a sensible, level headed international crowd of people.

How about we share our immediate experiences, and keep the community updated with what we actually see on the ground.


Personal experience: - Nothing, nothing on the social network, no one is ill and no one knows anyone who has the Coronavirus.


  • Government is considering evacuating 20 NL citizens from Wuhan
  • Experts meeting with RIVM , ministry of public health to figure out whether and what measures should be considered.

Overall… no panic here.


I think the USA has 5 confirmed cases last I heard, all had been to Wuhan.
Personally I dont pay too much attention to this stuff, if I need to wrap myself up in a hazmat suit to go outside… life is no longer worth living.


Adding conversation from the

In fairness even the staunchest libertarians usually acknowledge the federal governments role in national defense, which includes emergencies like natural disasters and epidemics.

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Just they are never too keen on paying their share…

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I wouldn’t call myself a freedom freak but this fine for hiking price seems stupid to me. If there is shortage it is GOOD to hike prices cause otherwise… you don’t have any supply soon. Wow! Surprising! :smiley:

What is better? To be able to buy something for 5 times the price or not being able to buy at all? The clear answer to me… rather 5 times more.

Very interesting topic but I will stop argumentation there unless we go to some “Free market discussion” thread.


Dead right you will stop argumentation there – cos you haven’t got one - well not one that stands any proper scrutiny - just like every other “libertarian”.

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hmm, the movie/documentary “Accidental Anarchist” argues otherwise. It’s saying the gov is failing hard on unforeseen things and the non-gov locals are doing the work.


I will not argue, but the fact is that humanity is here today… after a million years of development without a centralized government …

As a person who has seen how ineffective living under communism is, I strongly suspect that there will be a breakup in democracy as well it will just take longer and I may not be alive to see it…

But for one thing I’m sure, no centralized system is as good as decentralized :wink: Therefore, a centralized government may be good, but a decentralized government will be better…


Presumably they lost all their face mask business to the drug store down the road, who kept them priced low? The article even admits you could buy them cheap online.

Alternatively, perhaps the store which sold them cheaply ran out, after everyone panic bought more than they needed and the other store was actually helping to restrict supply to those with genuine need?

We are given no insight to the local demand, whether a cartel had formed or whether there was sufficient local supply. Using this as an argument to belittle libertarians seems a bit much.


If you allow prices to rise to obscene levels, a flood of new supply will occur, as people seek to profit from the obscene price. This will drive the prices back down, and you’ll end up actually having a large supply of the commodity in question.

When the government implements price controls, nobody takes any interest in going to the heroic effort of getting more of the needed item to the area. You end up with famines and scarcity. You end up with low priced items that are not available, instead of a brief price spike that encourages a flood of new supply to arrive.


You understand that in this particular case this “brief price spike” costs humans life, right?

We’re talking about a virus that spreads faster than anything we’ve seen… “brief” delay can be equal to millions of infected … and hundreds died…

This is always the case. It’s always a really important item or the price would not have risen. The same argument can be made for food in starving countries. Without cheap food, people will die so we must implement price controls. But that always makes the famine worse, not better.

People hoard items that are cheap. In China, you cannot even find toilet paper in the public restrooms, because people steal the whole roll, whenever one is left there. (This is in normal, good times, not panic times) Cheap prices on a valuable commodity just leads to a few people having it and for everybody else, it’s not available at all. Plus, because of the price controls, there is no incentive to bring in any more of it.


These criminal profiteers should not have been fined.
They should have been hung.
Only because they are not worth the cost of the bullets.

Those white face-masks they show in the article don’t stop any virus from infecting people. You would need much better filters.

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Such a strong words… be carefull! If you are drinking right now is not an excuse. It’s sad for me to hear so much hate…

You are right, those negative pressure facemasks are catching 98% of aerial contaminants at best but rather more like 80%. For perfect respiratory protection one needs to have PAPR creating the overpressure in the head part. Only then one can be sure all the air you breath went through the filter.

Needless to say, those negative pressure face-masks are still helpfull to reduce the spreading of the disease. Mainly not because of the protection of the wearer but for the benefit of the people around the sick one.


Its sad for me to see you standing up for scum who will take advantage of their fellow human beings at a time like this.
Have you NO shame?

You are trolling very well because I feel obliged to give you a response.

  • In my first post I pushed the idea that regulation of maximum price makes shelves empty.
  • In the second I was expressing my sadness about there are still people who wanna hung people who raise prices when there is a shortage.
  • In this post I am just pointing out I was probably misunderstood.

I am trying to buy respirator for few days already. I am in Europe, in a country where are 0 confirmed cases and yet all e-shops are out of masks. I am willing to pay much more than regular price to get it ASAP. But in reality in last 3 days eshops went from ready to ship to expected delivery in 2 weeks or completely out of stock without any time estimates for delivery. I wish they raised price before, because if they had increase price than people would buy less of them. Right now few people bought much more than they need to earn on them or just to make sure they have enough. The rest of us is without any protection. I hope price skyrocket soon to motivate companies to produce much faster and to motivate new producers to join the market. I do not care if I have to pay 50x of original price. I just want it to protect the health of my family. And right now there is huge lack of those masks. The only way how to produce them fast enough for everyone is to pay huge money to all possible producers. If you punish them for their greed then they will produce less than they are producing now.


Those white masks are not made to stop such small particales as a virus, an airborne virus probably gets through like the mask is not there at all. Those masks are made to stop larger particales like air pollution from smog. You will need a industrial/military grade gas-mask if you want to try and make a difference.