Coronavirus Mega Thread

The US just banned flights from Europe for the next 30 days.

UK flights still allowed.


Just use Soap to wash your hands,
itā€™s better than alcohol based ones.

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Alcohol based washes (hand sanitiser) is meant for already clean hands and use when soap is not convenient (or possible)

Soap is better because it also catches the fats, dirt etc which have the virus on them and removes them from your hands as you wash. This is in addition to the effect soap has on the virus


One thing I havenā€™t seen discussed anywhere are the anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen (any of the NSAIDs). Seems like a lot of the lung damage that is so serious is a result of inflammation. So maybe make sure to have some on hand and take it regularly if you get this thing. Iā€™m no doctor, but I mentioned this to an RPN and she thought it made a lot of sense. Worst case youā€™ll feel better, sleep better, etc. The best part is these over the counter drugs are still readily available right now.

UPDATE: The WHO just released guidance to NOT take ibuprofen, but to take acetaminophen (Tylenol) instead if you are infected. As another poster mentioned the French reported that there is an interaction that can make things worse.

Today I spoke with a local drugstore chain to arrange for drug deliveries to the homes of the elderly when quarantine begins by volunteers.

I urge everyone who can to do the same in their local community. I will post posters on the apartment blocks to inform the residents. :dragon:


My suggestion would be traditional preventatives like VitC; ginger; garlicā€¦ kicking the immune system, combined with good hygiene which includes throat and mouthā€¦ cough sweets (nice ones like Jakemanā€™s Honey and Lemon Menthol)ā€¦ all help create a hostile environment that I wonder can only help prevent any disease from getting a grip before the immune system can hammer it. So, same as for cold; flu; or any other virus. Wash hands ā€¦ and perhaps your face you dirty scroatsā€¦ who doesnā€™t do this already!

and paracetamol.

Avoid ibuprofenā€¦ anti-inflammatories may aggravate Covid-19.
French minister says patients should take paracetamol rather than ibuprofen or cortisone.


Interesting as it seems like lung inflammation is part of the serious consequences of the disease. A logical thought is that an anti-inflammatory may be good to take. Would be nice if there were some kind of scientific consensus on this.

I have heard that sipping warm water regularly is also important. I really appreciate the good and practical advice on how to boost immunity, and avoid taking substances like antiinflammatories.The supermarkets here are now rationing over the counter medicationsā€¦
I have just seen a report that the UK police will soon have powers to detain people suspected of having the virus. Doctors wont have to see bodies to issue death certificatesā€¦and Its getting more and more like living in a poorly scripted science fiction B movie every day. It all feels terribly contrived. I have heard many people who would usually reject anything that hints of a conspiracy theory agreeing that this ā€˜pandemicā€™ is by design. ā€˜Depopulationā€™ aka ā€˜mass murderā€™ is squarely on the elitist agenda - a quick look at the UN Agenda 21 & 2030 will corroborate this assertionā€¦the problem now is that there is not much scope for mass mobilisation in a panic stricken, highly pliable population forced to stay as far away from one another as possible.
It appears the BSL4 Virology labs have been diligently working on the coronavirus for a number of years, It was clear from the cruise ship situation that transmission was viable through the air conditioning - via liquid, airbourne particles - I suggest that the virus itself was initially sprayed on surfaces in various places around the world. Even the name appears to be hiding something in plain sight. The crown virus -19. For goodness sake. When it ā€˜mutatesā€™ - I daresay it will be because someone popped the cork on the crown virus 20ā€¦, for 2020. In addition, unfortunately, viruses find millimetre wave radiation quite helpful so the 5G rollout is right on time. As I have no further practical advice, except ā€˜Dodge the Jabā€™ - the vaccine will not be friendly - rant over. But Wishing everyone Well.


The Freemasons have been planning this for years. Chem-trails are them spreading the virus. Those who survive the virus will be chased off the edge of the earth. Our only salvation is flying to the moon with the aliens living there.


The coronavirus can stay active on surfaces for days - its unlikely to necessitate spraying from an aeroplane - a simple hand spray would do the job, then left to human to human transmission. Chemtrails are more associated with weather modification in the ionosphere and since the moon isnā€™t a particularly hospitable environment I wouldnt recommend anyone attempting to relocate there. However dire it seems on earth at the moment.

:roll_eyes: You call that a conspiracy theory! haā€¦

ā€¦try this :slight_smile:

Conspiracy rants test the limit of donā€™t ā€œshoot the messengerā€ fallacy but there can be nuggets of truth hidden, regardless of the source.

It does seem extraordinary that the virus is impacting the way it does, given that its genetic make up looks contrivedā€¦ with HIV stamped in the middle of it. The hubris of MIC causes alsorts of ā€œcollateral damageā€ā€¦ donā€™t they have such a cute way with words!!

So, pension funds and health costs will drop in the medium/long term - in one aspect; entirely hammered in many others ways. It seems the stock market is not just depressed now but with a month stop on too many businesses looming, liable to collapse even big companies rather hard. Your favorite coffee shop cannot do without customers for four weeksā€¦

Still, if you pursue the conspiracy hypothesis to its conclusion, and run then a normal Sherlock Holmes approach of discounting only that which is not possibleā€¦ if this is planned and not yet a complete fudge of its objective, then the objective could be a hard reset.

Given that growth-perpetual economics is at odds with reality, driving a hard counter to all those living on credit and the economics of companies worldwide that makes no sense, might be one consequence now of this virus!.. it might cure us, of our society :open_mouth: ā€¦ but that is a wild proposal, even for a power that be would and could pursue such a visionā€¦ the counter to the impossibility of this thought, is that we know the powers that be, are on the slightly nutty edge of humanity and have taken strange and stupid actions before.

Mantra and motivation for some is: ā€œBetter to be the one in control of events, rather than ever let events control you. Therefore act out of necessity when in a cornerā€ā€¦

Who is in a corner?.. usual suspects. Power and wealth corrupt. Absolute power and wealth, corrupt absolutely.

Sleep well - donā€™t have nightmares :smiling_imp:

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I didnt react well to news that the UK police will be given powers to detain people suspected of having coronavirusā€¦and whilst many of my claims may seem far fetched to some, I dont consider any of them baseless or unresearched. I inelegantly appeared to suggest that the coronavirus is being spread through chemtrails. Actually, it is feasible that it could be deposited as a fine mist from a plane, and perhaps that has happened - but the virus could be quite simply sprayed or wiped onto surfaces.
I am working from the premise that ā€˜depopulationā€™ is on the globalist agenda. So when encountering scientific research that contradicts the assertion that millimeter wave radiation is safe, or evidence that rejects the coronavirus as a random arrival - it doesnt seem surprising. This could be construed as a heavy case of confirmation bias - but confirmation it is.

Indeed. Inevitable economic consequences followed by what will likely be billed as ā€˜inevitable economic solutionsā€™.
Fiat currency - in its physical form dispensed with much sooner than expected as it is now considered a means of transmission. The pillar project are busy working on their 2030 one world wallet so I was expecting cash to disappear before then but I must say I wasnt expecting a virus and the threat of transmission to expedite the process so keenlyā€¦
The acceptance of restrictive, authoritarian measures as standard.
The implementation of a global system of governance as a response to what can be percieved as a non-ideological global threat -
In terms of 5G - Viruses thrive because human immunity is lowered. It would be comforting to consider this a bizarre conspiracy theory but unfortunately there is a great deal of scientific research to support this claim. Most of which has been completely ignored by the telecommunications industry and governments around the world. As for the BSL4 virology labs - at least 4 years ago, trials were underway involving a strain of coronavirus and paid volunteers - and these pathogens were developed somewhere - I would posit that bakeries bake bread, and BSL4 virology labs develop and study level 4 biosafety threatsā€¦
I would like to interject something brighter and more cheerful, but in the early stages of a manufactured pandemic its presenting a challengeā€¦nonetheless, chin up life on earth - this is only part of our journey.

and with that, you blew any shred of credibility you might have gained.

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haah thank you :grinning:

Here a specialist arguing convincingly (to me at least) that plain old nature is responsible for SARS-CoV-2.


See all you chem-trail conspiracy folks?

Will one of you give me a convincing run-through of just how these ā€œtrailsā€ are delivered?
Who makes these ā€œchemsā€?
How do they get them onto the aircraft?
How are they dispersed form the aircraft?
How come there are no witnesses to these actions?

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Very interesting regarding the mechanics of the coronavirus spread - including inter/cross speciesā€¦nonetheless - this does not actually explain its creation in the first place - all Michael Osterholm is able to say is that ā€™ we dont have the expertise to create thisā€™ having already firlmly located himself as someone wiith enough military security clearance to investigate international bioweaponry - his association with APIC isnt particularly reassuring - they only study the impact of infectious diseases and not their originā€¦basically, I do not dispute Osterholms expertise when it comes to decribing the virus, but I do not accept his assertion that the creation of this virus is somehow beyond the scope of advanced bioengineers - human tests were being carried out 4 years agoā€¦the virus can live on surfaces and can be deposited thereā€¦

Well duhā€¦

nice attempt at talking yourself out of a corner - shame it failedā€¦

wellā€¦the virus can live on surfaces, and can be deposited there - the manner of transmission between species isnt particularly debatable - the origin of covid-19 isā€¦