Cooperatism to Replace Capitalism

An interesting thing about unions is that they don’t really have owners, but they are non profits with members to whom they are accountable. Its got a hint of where the DAO will go.

The problem with corporatism is that it turns out to be anti democratic. Corporatism is really the only form of organization compatible with capitalism which can be understood by seeing the end result towards which capitalism works is rule by inherited wealth. The point is to make sure Mit Romney’s kids can tell your kids what to do… This is why they are always so insistent that money can be converted to speech so that money can be converted to raw power. They want the direct conversion of wealth to power because that is what it is about, their money controls you and your kids forever.

But a new approach to work is going to replace this power arrangement. We see it in the fee(dom) software movement and to a lesser extent with open software. Also with the roughly 1in 7 people who belong to cooperatives. These in part reflect society growing tired of capitalism’s low profit efficiency where after a period profit no longer reflects gains to society- after a while the deck gets completely stacked, the political institutions rigged and its all about rule by inheritance.

This shouldn’t surprise us because every corporation, aside from the smallest, is a pyramid fiefdom and all associated organizations even government ends up resembling it. But this also explained why economic royalists hate power sharing so much and why they hate democracy so much as the whole game is: the one with the gold controls. But this is the opposite of what democracy is meant to be and what the country was founded on. No, the country (US) was founded over a fight with a corporation and it was also founded over attempts to foist gold as currency on people.


Mussolini in the 1930s defined the marrying of corporate and state power as Fascism, which, he said, ought more rightly be called “corporatism”.

More generally - I usually like what you write but you need to reread what you write - bad English sometimes makes what you write hard to understand - what you write would be more powerful if the grammar was correct.


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Grammar, my nemesis! Now let me bastardize a bit more about capitalism. Forget the technical definition which probably isn’t fully agreed upon anyway. Capitalism is Bankerism and we all know that’s not good enough. We don’t need a banker king. Funny though, one might draw the Queen of Bankers in poker. Bankers sit atop the whole business world because if you want our money you have to let us apply our conditions to what you are doing.