Contribute an article to Seeking Alpha?


I see that Seeking Alpha (big stock platform) is also covering cryptocurrencies. It has a page for Maidsafe
At the moment it has no articles yet, other cryptos have. But is has a few followers :wink:

On Seeking Alpha you can contribute articles yourself, you can even make some money with it if you want.

So, is there somebody who would like to contribute an article to Seeking Alpha? I’m not the best (english) writer out there, but I see other people on this forum writing a lot and really well.

Maybe @Maidsafe can write some blog there as well.


Well, finally MAID is being mentioned in an article on Seeking Alpha. It’s not much, but better than nothing.
Also a big increase in followers +25%!!

from 8 to 10 :grin:


I’d give it a crack but I do not know much about trading and that sort of thing. Good pick up though. Maybe for someone else?


I think a good article would put the emphasis on the economic opportunities of a new internet. But it would be best appreciated in the context of a bigger crackdown on current platforms and growing concerns over privacy, which I believe will be ramping up over the next two years. By mentioning how the last cycle has witnessed the emergence of alternative platforms (gab, bitchute etc.), it could argue that a further crackdown would usher another digital exodus and lead to the inevitable repopulation of a barren land ripe for early settlers – with all the potential profits that may come with it.

So it might be wise to discuss how there will be a lucrative competition to become the first safenet version of facebook or instagram. Better yet, how safenet could help resurrect projects like yik yak and grooveshark that could only really thrive without censorship and DMCA takedown, respectively.

Seeking Alpha articles are most effective when they are both topical and can be turned into a direct investment opportunity by their readers, so an article that would go along these lines is best saved for whenever the alpha is about to be released and actual apps can be deployed, lest it be remembered as yet another vaporware.

From the technical analysis side of things, given that the behavior of safecoin is no different that the overall market cap of the whole crypto space in general, I don’t think any truly unique or valuable insight could be made on that front, hence why it would be better to focus on fundamentals with an emphasis on its multi-faceted economic opportunities.


Yes, normally it’s often about trading, dividends, Price-Earning ratio etc. But for crypto this is not the case of course (except the trading).
Some other new guy wrote in december an article about blockchains and that article got labeled as “editors’ pick”.
Unfortunately he published it as a paid article…

But it seems they like articles with a different approach.
So I think there is room and an audience for an article about the SAFE Network or web decentralization in general, with some blokchain project links(to get the article listed there as well :wink:)

The good thing about Seeking Alpha is that other newssites often point to SA articles.