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Here is the introduction post made by @arthurpug and @dirvine’s reminder that they do work hard and having regular visitors is counter productive.

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Not to put you off but we get a lot of people telling us they are coming to the office, but please don’t expect folk to stop work for such visits. We generally try and make sure any visits are for a purpose, either to advance SAFE or MaidSafe. You would not believe the amount of people who try and just drop in, it takes our eye off the ball and does affect the office. So yes drop in and say hi, but we are not fish in a bowl :wink: I recently had some reporter type chap telling me he was coming into the office and that was that. I had to refuse him.

So please don’t be put off, but the Engineers don’t do public stuff and Nick, Viv and the team hardly get time to get lunch, never mind chat to folk. You would be surprised how busy it is. When I go in to chat to some of the guys I have to wait until they get free from hangouts etc. it’s not easy to work under this pressure, so please do keep that in mind, if we said yes to everyone there would be no work at all done, I am quite sure :wink:

I try as do some of the others, keep folk updated on the forum, this is because we can reach many hundreds of people with our limited time, one on one kills, even DM’s/signal etc. to me are hellish at times and there I also try and put folk off to post publicly so others see answers. So many folks, with so many papers and ideas to have me look over and review, it would drown a blue whale :smiley:

Hope you understand


An honour to get a reply from you sir. Happy to hear you are too busy to entertain tourists, but when I come I’ll bring pizza in the hope you can pause for that cause. Assuming you haven’t moved to San Francisco by then like those Stratis fiends :wink:


A “safe” assumption, now pizza does help SAFE and MaidSafe :smiley: :smiley:

Seriously though, please do mind that the chances folk will stop even for pizza is slim at best :wink:


Thanks @neo I was conscious of noise in the intro thread. Cheers for moving it.