Contempt for the puppet is also contempt for the puppeteer

A puppeteer isn’t any more legtimate than a puppet. Both are trying to swindle you, but the puppeteer is the one who formed the intent.

Trump should be an easy baloon to pop because he not only represents success gone wrong but represents a group of people who are all about creating barriers to other people’s success and have been actively trampling on the faces of everyone else in an attempt to keep them down.

Compared to who?
The Donald employs many people and helps them be successful every day.
Who else among the current candidates does that?
Has Sanders ever held an honest job in his entire life?

The Donald’s business has been paying other people to wipe the arses of other plutocrats. Well that and gambling (tax on fools) and likely prostitution- it would fit in with all the arse wiping. He tries to cover it with the real estate angle but just like the luck of the draw arbitrary life gladiator crap he’s been involved with its still on the level of vice and trying to addict kid to tobacco. He is more legitmate than Romney who just was just a pure righteous thief and villian.

For comparison Sanders has apparently not been a whore for money as evidenced by his almost sub middle class net financial assets and by his dedicating his life to keeping others from becoming said whores in part by taxing said whore mongers.

Ones is dedicated to justice and the othed to vice, exploitation and the suffering of fools. And one has the good taste to ease off on the hair and the other doesn’t.

So in other words Sandals has lived from the work of others his entire adult life.
It’s pretty frightening that such a person might get in the position to order others, including the Donald, how to go about their lives.

I think we’ve all be living off the work of others. Even guy in the Greystoke legend was living off the work of wolves in his infancy. And I heard recently it was Thomas Payne who pointed out we can’t easily calculate whose work provided our actual personal standard of living. It reminds me of Joseph Campbell on vegans. He said something like: life feed on life, even you you’re just eating from the vegetable web that web still has a symbiotic relationship with the predator web. Maybe its even got a meaningful relationship with the parasite, even if we can’t see it right now. But imagine said sandals with a net so called worth of 450K ordering around the Donald’s billions. That sounds like progress to me.

You’re ignoring the fact that Sandals (and all politicians like him) took millions from the public purse in course of his life; he cost us at least 200K per year in service. The Donald didn’t cost me a dime, while I’ve been paying for Sandals through a higher cost of US made goods and services.

30 years * 200K = pretty penny. The fact that he didn’t save much doesn’t really help you in any way.

Well don’t want to recreate the ad based sponsored internet, we want to empower end users.

Every time sponsored media in conjuction with money in elections allows money to act as bribery, censorship, preconditions to running, preselection of candidates, spin, hush money, blackmail we as asociety become the victim of a shill game that reduces our law to: if I have more money, and I always will based on who I am related to, I get to tell you what to do including kill your children off in wars you don’t agree with.

Your attention bit by bit defines you and their power comes from being able to distract and mislead you with shill media. Funny how Clone Zone recently shilled the shill media by shilling that super shill NY Times owned by Billionare Carlos Slim.

Every time Sanders accuses Hillary of being bought and paid for he is accusing her of having aggreed to sell us out and betray us. She promises to do nothing precisely because that was price attached to taking the money to allow her election. No money belongs in elections. The rich do not get veto or censor power, they get one vote per person and the strength of their ideas anything more should result in jail and the loss of their wealth. This is at the heart of the kind of transparency and power SAFE can provide.

They do not define you by manipulating your attention, no you self determine instead of having your development subverted.

And we will do so primarily through the slow process of education. We will develop the tools, the skills, the network, and we need to knock down all barriers to entry.

There are already freely available tools and plugins to thwart most advertisement trackers. The problem is that most people don’t know about them, don’t know how to use them, or are not willing to put the time in to learn.

I don’t think that’s because they’re lazy or stupid, I think it’s because we haven’t yet designed a better way to do it where anyone can dive in and not feel lost.

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Well, I guess I feel that some of what we’re looking for to do that is already in the SAFE design an philosophy. And I agree about education.