Contemporary Censorship: theory and practice

This is straight from Mein Kampf

This is part of the well recognised and repeatedly used anti-semitic canard and is plucked right from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

This is repeatedly used as an anti-Semitic trope that Soros, a Hungarian Jew, is somehow a global evil mastermind controlling everything from the global economy to NATO.

These are used again and again by the far-right, Neo-nazis, anti-semites, and you. They stoke hatred against Jewish people, they are incredibly familiar an no longer even a dog whistle: they are a racist airhorn.


Im talking about the Big Lie that Russia attacked without provocation. Yo may think there is only one Big Lie. Wrong, there are far too many of them.

Bollocks I use Soros as shorthand for the closely-knit group of the uber-rich who think they have a right to dictate our lives. Soros happens to be Jewish, So is Feynmann and Bob Dylan.

Seems to me that what is mostly wrong with this world can be laid mostly at the feet of a fairly small group. I CNGAF what religion they pretend to profess , I despise MBS and the Sulan of Brunei as much as I despise Greenspan, Bernake, Soros, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Gates and the English aristos etc etc,

Seems to me you are being just a teensy bit over defensive here Jim. Why should these people be excepted from analysis and if required, criticism?

Also strange that you put yourself squarely on the side of those who glorify the Ukrainians who massacred Jews and Poles in WW2, so much so that even the SS were disgusted by the actions of Bandera and his gang and continued to hound Jews to this day in Ukraine.

This is a fight between Big Biz, MIC, the bankers, oligarchs, the 0.001%, call them what you will, and the rest of us. Whose side are you on?

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For some reason the forum software notified me that Jim replied to me here … not sure why I don’t seem to be tagged in the above post. But since I’m here …

I can’t follow this convo between Jim and Southside because I blocked Southside long ago … although strangely I can occassionally see a post of his - a glitch in the software? IDK.

but again, since I’m here and this is the topic of censorship: theory and practice …

I’ve personally noted that leftist politicians and political figures often if not in all cases tend to align themselves with one or more groups that have at some point been persecuted (often by left wing groups ironically) … then when someone points out that a specific leftist individual is behaving badly, they and the left as a whole, will attack the attacker decrying that the attacker is going after a persecuted minority instead of the individual. In other words they use the persecuted minority as a shield to prevent others (and let’s not mince words here, I’m talking about those on the right) from attacking individuals on the left.

This leads to self-censorship on the political right.

Anyway, just something I’ve noticed. Probably nothing to do with George Soros and all the leftist orgs who jump on anyone who tries to point out something Soros the individual has done or is doing.

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Why do you trust I dont want to get in who do you side with, but pure logic tells when there is war between A and B, you should consider their “news” propaganda unless confirmed from other sources.

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Can I ask if you tust CNN, Reuters, Bloomberg, WaPo BBC etc?

I know they are not on my side and are in fact acting against me - see Musk thread etc

It helps to look at a variety of sources from different “sides”

As said before, this is a struggle between good and evil, its just most folk have been lied to (or find there is less intellectual effort involved) about who REALLY is the force for good here.

I find it very hard to have ANY sympathy for a corrupt puppet regime that glorifies Nazis and has been guilty for the last 8 years of indiscriminate shelling of civilians whilst ignoring previously agreed peacce plans. I mean who the hell do they think they are. Israel?

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I think that most governments and the corporations that suck up to them are all pushing propaganda - they all have a ‘side’ … so if you are going to attempt to understand what is going on, then you’d need to at the least, be watching the propaganda from every side.

Is it not the governments that suck up to the corporations? :thinking:


It’s a two way street I suppose. The gov. has the power to compel with force. Probably depends on if it’s a democracy or not. I don’t think the gov. of China sucks up to the corps., for instance.

Sources worth considering. Unlike RT, FoxNews or InfoWars. RT used to make nice documentaries, but news were way too biased even before war.

Yes, but also when one source says there is a turd on the road and other says it is fried chicken, the truth is not somewhere in the middle.


Have you eaten KFC recently?

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A point that could be easily made about CNN, Reuters, Bloomberg, WaPo BBC etc

Define “biased”. And then define biased after taking cultural hegemony into consideration.

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Sometimes I look how different news sources report about things that I know a lot about, either because it is my field of expertise or because it happened close to me in my country. It tells a lot.


The surveillance economy has been built in tandem—hand in glove—between corporations and the surveillance state. You can’t have one without the other.


Believe it or not you can get banned from certain social media accounts for disagreeing with some of these headlines :weary:


They are surely just trolling now :joy:


Are you using a VPN? RT won’t load for me.

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