Contemplating possible questions of early adopters

Imagine someone going to their boss in six months, a year, two years, however long it takes to get Safenet released in the wild, and the two of them posing these questions about the Safe Network:

  1. Why aren’t we on the Safenet?
  2. What are the real benefits of Safenet vs. clearnet?
  3. What will we be sacrificing in the beginning by moving to the Safenet? How long will it take? Can we use the same computers, smartphones and tablets?
  4. Is it an “either/or” or a “both” question? In other words, can we realistically spend part of our time on each realm or do we have to jump in with both feet?
  5. Will it be deemed illegal by any authorities we are accountable to?
  6. Will it be easier to port my personal use to the Safe Network or business use?
  7. What kind of services and products are available right now and how do they compare to the clearnet?
  8. How long should I commit to giving it a try?
  9. Will it be easy to go back to the clearnet if I so choose?
  10. Is it just a gimmick? How do we know it’s not just one big scam with hidden “hooks” possibly in the network?
  11. Is there a reputable business, agency or individual who has already made the commitment?
  12. Is there a financial cost of moving over and, if so, how can we measure it?
  13. Do our customers, employees, partners and suppliers want us to do this in the near future? Do they not want us to? Are they indifferent? How do we gauge the interest or lack of interest?
  14. Do we have to give up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Google? Why would we want to?
  15. I’m used to instant response from my applications. How fast is this network?

These are more than hypothetical questions. The answers might very well determine the level of success of Safenet, or at least the rate of adoption. All Safe Network supporters should be thinking about this line of questioning. It will be something we’ll all be facing soon enough.

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In this forum and its precursors over the past few years there have been hundreds if nor thousands of threads anticipating these questions where the posters were seeking to make sure there would be no compromise in the design.

One theme rules them all: that we have a world based or influenced primarily by information or accurate representation as opposed to one based on misinformation, ignorance and fear. A world based on trust and cooperation instead of un an usurvivable world based on coercion and fear.