Consider - Safedrops APP for the safe network


I was born into a world where my family was persecuted by the entities known as governments; the very word government comes from the Latin verb “Gubernare” which means “To control” and from the Latin noun “mens” which means “mind”.

“Government” literally means “mind control”. Following that perspective we then understand that makes any enforcement arm of the government out to be “thought police”.

Surprised by that disambiguation? Check out George Orwell’s essay on language that can be found here:

I believe the very survival of our species rests in the preservation of ideas outside the regulatory arm of “thought police”. I believe that in order to safeguard our species we must preserve and make information as accessible as possible.

Introducing Safedrop

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We have already seen the situation where a government has shut-down the internet to an entire country.

[How Do You Shut Down the Internet in a Whole Country? | Live Science]

Let’s take an inside look at just such a situation. My Safedrop APP that is accessible through the SafeNetwork would identify “Safedrop” locations.

There are two types of “Safedrops”:

  • SafeLibrary

         SafeLibrary would contain a Wikipedia Loader + select articles concerning medical information. Specifically field medical knowledge. 
  • SafeHub

         SafeHub would contain ample amount of space to allow the exchange of information. With partitions that would allow passwords to be set. 

There will be a “trust” system built into the app. That would only reveal a “round” of safedrops. There will be multiple rounds concealed only accessible to a SafeDropper who has been given a certain level of trust.

I want to build the app to be entirely self sufficient and self directed.

Let me expand with an example:

Take our neighbourhood friendly dissident “Shaheer”. Shaheer’s in the unfortunate situation where his particular “gang of criminals” or “government” decides to cut off internet to his location. ENTIRELY. That means no safe network no nothing. Leaving our friend completely blind. Fortunately Shaheer’s was running the Safe Network + Safedrop app on his phone.

Trying to heroically save orphans from a sinking ship (as I would expect any safe networker to undertake such a feat)

Our friend Shaheer was knocked unconscious. Being that he was unconscious for the first couple months he was not able to make good use of the first round of “safedrops”. He comes to find out that almost all the “safedrops” known to him prior to losing conciousness are no longer accessible.

The SafeDrop app understands that his particular region was undergoing a certain level of hardship and since it’s “smart”.
The SafeDrop app knows it has lost connection to the network. A built in timer begins to countdown. Once the timer has reached a set point it will reveal another layer of “safedrops”.

This ensures that besides the locations accessible to him. That after losing contact with Shaheer in his war torn region he will still have the ability to access both Safehubs and SafeLibraries.

After a few months Shaheer’s situation has not improved. More of the “safedrops” have been ripped up. He’s been able to power his cellphone by building a solar array from information he has obtained from one of the “SafeDrop” nodes to power his cellphone.

Around 6 months without contact. The Safedrop app has revealed a stash of undeployed SafeDrops that can be installed by Shaheer to re-enforce the safedrop network for other dissidents.

To be continued…

I’m going to have to leave it here for now as my initial foray into this topic to be expanded on later. :slight_smile:

Please feel free to constructively criticise as well as continuing the hypothetical.

Thank you for reading.