Consensus 2018 New York

Currently at #Consensus2018 in New York and am blown away by the participation. Over 8,000 attendees and some very impressive panels.

I know @dirvine was at the Inside Bitcoin event in New York circa 2014 (where I met them at their booth) but this new and seriously well funded event by Coindesk could be a worthwhile investment for the Maidsafe team to attend in 2019. This would be great exposure to industry, government agencies looking for solutions that could be satisfied by the Safenet. There were developers from all over the world and some interesting announcements including AWS offering the new enterprise (by ConsenSys) no-brainer ethereum blockchain integration, Kaleido. ConsenSys has over 900 developers now. IMO Maidsafe could ride this Blockchain wave - that looks like it may have legs for a few more years - and look for opportunities to convert/capitalize on some of those failed blockchain projects.

Edit: when I say new I’m mean it’s year 3 its new enough.


I watched some of it on the livestream. I was surprised how big it was and to see a company like FedEx there, represented by their founder / CEO. Points to the end of the first hype cycle and the start of some serious investment if you ask me. I agree Maidsafe should look into putting in an appearance but only when there’s something concrete to show. I bet it’s really expensive to sponsor too.


All the videos of tracks will be available online soon. I encourage a look at the May 15 9:40AM “ConsenSys Announcement: Making Blockchain Radically Simple For Enterprise” - see what the ConsenSys UX/UI folks have been spending a while at. Maybe some great tips for the @maidsafe UI/UX team.

Ill post here when they are up.