Confused with the current network

Hi All

Not used any of the safe apps for about a year. Now have a new mac so thought I would download the safe network app and the latest safe browser. I had some websites on the alpha 2 network and some data uploaded.

My question is where do I sign in mow. Thought it was through the browser…

Are the new apps to access data on the the vaults release?

I’m a bit confused at the current state of the network…

Sorry for the ramble but a had a bit to drink :slight_smile:


Alpha 2 is still live but is no longer used by the latest browser, and you no longer use the browser to log in.

Instead you need the safe_auth authenticator which is a command line tool. This is now used for login, as well as creating an account, and for authorising apps which request access to your SAFE storage. So no more authentication request popups in the browser - instead they appear in the terminal where you ran safe_auth.

Note though, that safe_auth is being rolled into the SAFE command line interface command safe, so when that happens safe_auth will no longer be used, but for now that is what is used to login!

The above is announced in the following Dev update, which includes links to other posts explaining how to use these tools. All the tools have been updated since then though, so make sure you get the latest releases.

It’s a good time to come back because things are moving fast. Enjoy!


Thanks for the quick reply @happybeing !

I’m not a dev at all…dont even know html!

Do you know how to create an account using the terminal? Is there a list of commands anywhere for the muggles out there.

This feels like a step backwards to me as it make the network less accessible to non techie people.


You’re welcome. It looks like a step backwards in some ways (though forwards under the hood), but will become a leap forwards all round very quickly again.

In the mean time instructions are in this post (which was linked in the Dev update above):


Very good description.


I’ll just wait till a GUI version is available. :slight_smile:

who knows with maidsafe … weeks months or years… :wink:


Sooner than later I reckon. They have a pretty smooth release process now. They’re really laying a good foundation atm. Still a ways to go for the API’s and documentation but what’s being done is much simpler but this is all dev related. Still relevant as the devs will then be able to make all the fun and easily usable apps you and others are looking forward to.


When I run the safe file the terminal opens with this …

Then I can’t type anything…

I don’t know how to use the terminal :slight_smile:

I also have these running…

I know this is very very basic stuff for 99% of people on here but any help would be great.


For now you will need to use the terminal, to create an account and also to login to the account you created.

As described here. It’s quite handy to be able to use the terminal, so worth having a go if you are up for it!

Hi happybeing

I’m up for it… but

The terminal opens after clicking this safe file I’ve downloaded. But there is no curser for me to type any commands. what am i missing.

You need to open a terminal first, not by clicking ‘safe’. I don’t know how to do this on a Mac, but someone here will if you don’t know yourself or you could search the web.

Once you know how to open a terminal (you will need more than one), follow the vault instructions and post any problems there.

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From what I’ve read here it looks like I need to install rust to be able to build CLI.

This is waaaay out of my comfort zone. I’ll have another look when I can use the network with a GUI.

You don’t need to build the CLI, you can download it!