Conclusion of Crust Test (v1)

As mentioned in last night’s Dev Update, we’re happy to say that we’ve now achieved the goals that we set for the initial part of the Crust Test that we released on Wednesday.

As of today, we are stopping the v1 test - so if you visit the Dashboard, you’ll be directed to this post.

Thank you to each and every one of you that has taken part in the test. It’s been hugely valuable for us to see the test working in the wild. With the data that’s been returned, we’re moving onto the next iteration.

We’re now working on a couple of improvements in order to increase the information returned from the test. One of the most important iterations we’d like to make to the test is to enable the next version to record direct connections between nodes. We’ll be removing certain performance constraints from the Dashboard so that the results are a little easier for you all to read (essentially the next Dashboard version won’t have to load all the data with each refresh). And perhaps of most interest to many of you, we’ll be introducing functionality to ensure that you can filter the results in order to let you see your own connection results in isolation.

The work is likely to take a number of days - but be assured that we’ll be releasing the next version of the test just as soon as we can. If you’d like to hear as soon as it goes live, please check out this forum or all of our usual social channels to be amongst the first to find out and take part in the next stage.