Compiling Libsodium using GCC on Windows 7

Has anyone here done this and could give me some guidance? I just keeping getting one error after another, and unable to find help via search.

Libsodium is where my compiling of SAFE_VAULT stops. it is a library that has to be obtained separately.

Everyone seems to be compiling libsodium in Linux, or, if in Windows, using the pre-built binaries for MSVC supplied by I went down that latter route but ended with a safe_vault.exe that could not start listening for peers and unable to find out why.

The git repository of SAFE_VAULT appears to have been built expecting GCC as the secondary compiler (to Rust) rather than MSVC so I decided to give that a try, and I set up anther machine, this time with a GCC toolchain.

Has anyone else gone successfully down this route? (someone must surely have)

OK, I finally got libsodium to compile, but not safe_vault. I won’t describe the steps here since there are better options, as I’ll list below. I might not have time to do this today. It is addictive in a Sisyphean sort of way.

This time I was using the version of the MSYS2 integrated developer environment (IDE) mentioned here: Basic self_encryptor example DIY instructions

Future options:

  1. MSYS2 and Rust (at least, the ready-to-install GNU ABI package here: ) do not integrate very well, with paths of one missing from the command-line environment of the other. I have learned that Multirust supports MSYS2 so that’s what I’ll use from now on.

  2. Also, in the “self encrypt” topic that I referred to above, dirvine mentions that appveyor.yml has the build method all laid out. I’m was thinking, what is an “appveyor,” and I have since learned the basics of that. That file has a simple sequence of Powershell scripts that might be run manually even if one never signs up at Since this is an autodidactic exercise, I’ll explore the Multirust approach first.