Competitors of Maidsafecoin

Hi guys,

As an investor, and someone who is simply very interested in this project, I find myself constantly researching Maidsafecoin. And how it compares to other coins on the market. There are two coins that I wouldn’t say I’m nervous about. But. They have my attention. Siacoin and Storjcoin X. From a technology point of view, do each directly compete with what Maidsafecoin is trying to do? Is Maidsafecoin far more advanced than these two? And then, is there any concern from any member of the Maidsafecoin team, or community, regarding these two coins? Or any other coins?

Hi @smoothman9 - there are a number of projects operating in a similar area to SAFE but which are not really directly competitive. Both Storj and Sia offer decentralised storage, but not the IP functionality or networking capabilities that SAFE provides. Also both are based on blockchains, while SAFE is not. Below is a link to quite an old post on the SIA forum. While Storj’s reward model has changed significantly (to the disappointment of its early supporters) the basic descriptions of what differentiates them are still reasonably accurate.

In terms of progress, it’s true that both Storj and Sia are now in beta, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that one will get ahead of another, or indeed of SAFE. Both are subject to wild speculative swings. I looked at Poloniex this morning and StorjCoin was up 20%, this afternoon it was down 25%!


Excellent! Thanks for the info JPL! That link helped me get a better understanding!