Compatibility with Ledger nano s

I’ve just downloaded Omnicore, but it’s not so easy cause i spent days to sinchronyse it. So I got a question.
Do you plan to set up a partnership with Ledger nano s? I think it would be really useful when Safecoin will be released

No parnership is needed. It would be up to the makers of the nano to decide to support our coin.

And once the network is live a new solution would be needed.

For MAID I do believe that one of the hardware wallet people have omni protocol token handling in their future plans.

But SAFEcoins are actual data objects living on the network and any sort of “hardware” to do coin transfers would need support from the SAFE core code, or the hardware would have to implement the SAFE client itself and basically then you have another computer and just using the PC or wifi to talk to the SAFE network.

If you do a search for “hardware wallet” there should be some recent discussions show up for you.