Compared to SAFE, net neutrality is just noise.... right?

Can’t SAFE, with all its encryption, blow all this ‘net neutrality’ greedtalk out of the water if it launches properly?

Like how the greedy government can’t truly stop decentralized torrenting.

Right? Or does the vote coming up ACTUALLY matter?

Idk what to think sometimes

My understanding is that it matters until such a time as net infra- structure (ISP’s etc) can be replaced by things like mesh-nets. I’m not the best qualified to answer though…lol


Thanks, that makes sense

I feel Mesh networking would be the final strike to ISP polluting the waters. But even before, the SAFE network will push a lot more fully encrypted UDP traffic onto the internet. That is a good thing, slowly dimming the lights on corporations overreaching their privileges.


Rereading this much later, and it makes me feel much better.

That fully encrypted UDP is truly something they will be powerless against :slight_smile: