Community Test Safenet 12b vs Freenet Current

As test net 12b now appears to be fast, supports both public and private data and seems pretty stable, is it already surpassing Freenet? Controversial, I know… :slight_smile:

I know safenet is unfinished and this is an unofficial test net, but bear with me. Key features of test net 12b:

  • Encrypted private data storage.
  • Encrypted data transit with IP scrubbing for secure routing.
  • Public data storage and retrieval.
  • Data caching for popular data.
  • Distributed, anonymous, DNS.
  • Distributed replacement for SSL certification with secure transit.

The list goes on…

It just struck me that while we are waiting for the perfect, finished, product, we already have something very cool. Alpha 2 should already have many good use cases.


To be implemented (or just turned on) according to a post David made during test 12b

I am not sure of Freenet’s capabilities but yes the test networks are really quite impressive for what they do and yet there is so much more to come. Especially the APPs that will run on it.

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For comparison a copy of my freenet node statistics page.

It uses a bit less than half of the allocated space for cache.
high latency nodeAveragePingTime= 303ms
an average bandwidth of 550KB/s
and it is quite memory and cpu hungry.
If you have just started your freenet node pages load slow and some won’t work. but if you are running it for a few hours and are connected to a decent amount of nodes(port forwarding really helps) pages load reasonably fast.
whilst with safe you get decent speeds directly.