Community-Test (oct8) Ofline

I don’t know the relevance or if it is coincidence but…

In the past I would start a genesis node and then add more nodes using ~/.safe/node/sn_node --hard-coded-contacts '[""]' --skip-igd

It never caused issues.

Hard to remember exactly but it seems that around the time I needed to start using --genesis-key the nodes started timing out shortly after joining.

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I think that network start went well.
There were many peers approved since the start.
Data was stored and retrieved.

So the difference is just a new version with fresh bug.


Fun fact:

If you want to download a WeTransfer file from command line, you can use this handy tool

(@Nigel this can be your next command line step…LOL…I’m only doing this because my remote instance doesn’t have a graphical interface…)

Clearly my node never connected, no trace of my IP


Will we see logs analysis by developers?
It is preferable not to see disconnect-related bug anymore in future testnets.