Community Test 13 November - offline

im still able to download begblagandsteal

safe cat safe://hygyy1yybp9edeorgb1wyu9yyoofd9nuz3czc9339kx7gdcumq9fx8r6sj9ey > BegBlagandSteal.mp3

but the test cock is down :frowning:

safe cat safe://hygoygyyb1aq95ugj4kyp98gz87px3d9becszpo1hbxmxwrgjfsg778rz88go > testcock.jpg

Thanks, updated OP!

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So, the latest is, my local node actually managed to upload a ~700Mb file, so I suppose the problem was with the instance, maybe runnng out of memory now that the client is making most of the work? Interesting…

Anyhow, if you manage to get this, here’s a gem for reggae fans, but not only…

safe cat safe://hy8ayyyyb9oc1tzhgfkthutb4j7w8bo8ezn1s4s1etqnft4pb41w78erqfkfy > Rockers_Jamaica_1978.avi

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It feels a little daft running on 0.39 when 0.40 exists.

Did you join with 0.40 and it worked?
I wonder if swapping the nodes out one at a time will work as a “live update”, but then a fresh start is not necessarily bad.


Don’t really have an answer I’m afraid, but my 0.40 node is churning chunks nicely.

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I think it’s worth a shot!
Don’t worry @Southside I’ll pull the logs before, just in case I screw it all up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’d say go for it! It’s a test-net, at the end of the day…

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Not sure if will be tonight, probably in the morning.

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Can you try to cat the file above? if it works, you’ll be rewarded!

I did, no go but I’ll try again in a little bit.


I tried most of the recently uploaded files and could get none of them.
Also added several new files and could only get one of them back, so it is still breathing but not really usable.
I got 0.40 running from home, the network is on its last legs though so switching out one cloud instance at a time seems an unnecessary headache at this point.

Thanks to everyone that participated, I believe begblagandsteal wins the the prize for most persistent data! :trophy:
Going to put my nodes to bed now.



@Josh did you put a figure on what it cost you to do a community test net?

I would like to chip in towards your costs or at least sponsor you for a few beers :wink:


I’ll say it again, I think the BGF could/should front up to a max of say $1000 to cover extra hosting costs for community members who provide such valuable help.

I think Im right in saying the BGF is worth over $2m at this time?


Thank you @neik and others who have offered.

I’ll need to sit down and look at my DO account, it only updates every 24 hours or so. That said it all depends on how many instances, the size of the instances and obviously how long it runs. So no easy answer.

I felt shitty taking it down without any notice last night but my view is that I would rather not waste money once it is crippled and rather spend that money on a next iteration.

Maidsafe’s default is 4vcpu 8gb but for this last network I used 2vcpu 4gb which is much cheaper, I do wonder if that is a bad idea and is it detrimental to performance. Surely they choose what they do for good reason.

If we were to use 4vcpu8gb as a standard it becomes less feasible for me to spin these up on a regular basis, also I am not sure how many cloud instances are really needed. I had 14 to 18 nodes with the last test but is that enough? Will more be beneficial, IDK. (@joshuef any insight into minimum requirements would be greatly appreciated)

I am torn about accepting any contributions as I will end up feeling obligated, much more so if the BGF is involved @Southside.

With relatively short runs I am not yet anxious about the cost.

I will however think about posting a donation address with the next one :slightly_smiling_face: thank you.


Yep, I get this…

Please post your costs so I can work out if its something I can put up for a few days.
If IF the BGF get involved then its likely that a few of us could share the load and no-one need feel a fantastic burden because there will be 3 or 4 others there read to help keep it going. Just thinking out loud here…
I don’t know what a 4vcpu8gb from DO costs but I doubt its as much as $1k/mo. Given the resources of the BGF and the benefits of a continually running (code allowing) testnet then this seems like an awful lot of bang for relatively little buck in the terms of the BGF resources.


I can’t quite remember all the ons and outs with DO but could we chip for some old hardware and do the test nets from a home Internet connection?


I think this is what we should strive for, starting it off with the bare minimum of DO instances and maybe even reach a point where they can be culled.

Last night was the first time in ages I had a home node running.
I got fed up and simply bypassed the router altogether and went straight into the NID.

Going to play with GUFW later today but honestly I wonder if there is even a need when the device running the node is used solely for that purpose.

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Great Ubuntu FireWall?

Well this should be our ultimate aim. Correct me if I’m wrong on this…

To get a viable test network we need 7 Elders plus some adults. We can really only run one node each from a home ADSL connection. So unless we can organise a minimum of 8 of us, we are stuck with DO or AWS to kickstart it. Of course we should be looking to get as much participation as possible and to ditch the cloud provider (and the expense) ASAP.


thats not a problem - Buy me a fish supper from Marios and I’ll give you all the old hardware you need. The problem is we still (mostly) only have one ADSL connection and IP each.

Thinking out loud here iv got one raspery pi 4 node ready to be assembled and my home network and I could use the in-laws as well so I could account for 2 nodes.

We could surely get to 8 separate locations and share ssh keys to trusted members ie @Josh @Southside


$48/month - the constraint will be the 5TB transfer that we would hopefully soon overtop.
Never mind $1k/mo, $100 would get us started and hopefully get some impetus and wider participation.