Community safe network hackathon

I believe the safe network will under go full testing for a month or two before full launching.
The whole community should be able to test different features of the network all at once at different times of the day to give it a full stress test.
Hackers should be working hard to find any weak points in the network.
People should try gaming the network to see how to take advantage of the network economically.

My question is there any plans for this in the near future?
and what test are possible to really stress test the network, eg… like a ddos test, or hacker test tools?


i’ve aaaaalways wanted to do this and trued to make a huuuge push for it a few months ago here at our SF SAFE Pod, but the timing was too early.

But i’m very excited for this and I’d do eeeevvvveeerrryyyttthhhiiinnnggg I can to help organize and host a huge SAFE App hackathon once we have a stable API and some networks up that we can test Apps on!! SF SAFE Pod is totally capable!! Let’s finally do it!! You have our support!!

EDIT: oh lol I just finished reading it and you’re not talking about apps. Core, rather. OK lets do that too :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes we could include Apps, that sound great, a crash course to build the first safe community app, open source example, it could be a blog app that everyone could use or a search engine. I been looking at electron-atom and think a lot creative people could take advantage.

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They’re too busy with Bitcoin at the moment. But don’t worry, they will show up eventually. You’d be crazy to not expect them.

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