Community Member of the Month Competition


Who is gonna steal whose thunder :smiley:

Competition sounds too competitive, since we more or less cooperate, but I know the current squad can take it, even make fun of it, so who cares.

I’m voting for @ElsieDee, as I like her long-winded, well-meant, intelligent, kind and sympathetic posts. I also know that she doesn’t give a damn, which makes me wanna vote for her all the more.

HM to everyone who disagree with me, for they force my inherently lazy mental ass to move and burn more calories, trying to see a different point of view.


First thought: Errmergehd you guys.

Second thought: who cares, whoops.

Third thought: I’m an ass hole sorry I shouldn’t of said that. :poop: Sorry @SarahPentland :grimacing: you seem sweet but poop just slips out of my mouth sometimes.

Summary: this is nice and all but let’s not get side tracked with collective back patting and participation awards toooooo frequently, that’s what I meant earlier.

Mine are only the ones I know but I know there’s more out there working away silenty in the night like little ninjas.

@frabrunelle @whiteoutmashups @PeterRobertson you guys know what you do.

Chop chop dig dig.



For me it definitely has to be @happybeing!


This is hard, but in no particular order, I’d have to say:

@Neo—I’m sure moderating can often feel like corralling cats, but he does it with tireless patience.

@beermenow for his positivity & level-headed commentary

@whiteoutmashups for his unending drive & enthusiasm to spread the SAFE word on a global scale

I’ll also pour out a glass for @Jabba, who is still taking the SAFE news to the masses

Of course @JPL & @polpolrene for the network primer

@riddim for taking initiative to keep the many platforms for discussing SAFE in sync

@happybeing for being kind of like Gandalf

I’m also of the mind that these things are always very difficult because I invariably feel like people who should be mentioned get missed. It worries me that people might end up feeling discouraged. Without contributors like @savage, @DavidMc0 & @Traktion, there’d be so much less life in these parts. I could keep going, but it’s about 4 am over here. If I don’t stop typing now, I’ll never sleep…


Did the poll open?

Wondering how this works


Assuming that this proposed competition effectively happens, from the OP:

This nomination period will be open for 3 days in the last week of the month, we will then open a poll for a shortlist of nominees for the community to vote for a winner. This poll will be open for 4 days.


Hi, following feedback from this thread we are rethinking the process. I will get back to you asap


Startup life. Love it. Only way to succeed