Community Member of the Month Competition

In celebration of our amazing community we are proposing a monthly competition to showcase community members who have gone above and beyond in support of the network, the community and widening participation.

We are inviting you to nominate someone who has made a difference to your experience of the SAFE Network this month. We are looking for someone who has taken time out to help improve others’ understanding, someone who has made a significant contribution to this forum, the community or the wider Network. We would like to showcase members who have improved awareness of the Network on other platforms, brought newbies into the community and spread the word far and wide.

Got someone in mind? Nominate them in this thread below, with a brief description of why you think they win. This nomination period will be open for 3 days in the last week of the month, we will then open a poll for a shortlist of nominees for the community to vote for a winner. This poll will be open for 4 days.

In recognition of this we will be awarding the winning member a 3D printed trophy, a t-shirt signed by the MaidSafe Ayr team as well as a bespoke forum flash.


I nominate @neo for his countless hours spent tirelessly answering everyone’s questions, day-in and day-out year after year :heart: great person. Thankless job. Forum would not be the same without you

And while I’m here:
@dugcampbell has provided an amazing boost for MaidSafe marketing, the likes of which we haven’t seen internally, ever. Have to recommend for that
@Joseph_Meagher always produces great work and I am still honored to work with him in my free time. He creates great tutorials for devs on here completely on his own
@jabba even though he’s gone, he still contributed more this month than most could hope to, and maybe if he won, he might consider coming back :heart:

And everyone else. Anyone who cares about something like safe is automatically a good person, I think :+1: share the :heart:


not really a fan of those kinde of contests :smiley: but since we’re on it - @whiteoutmashups definitely deserves to get the first trophy imho :wink: he is creator of the most important topic in this forum (Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D) and is working very hard for a very long time now to help our dream to become reality :heart_eyes: :hugs: (there are many others who come to mind who deserve to be mentioned as well but thats why i don’t like those contests xD you can’t vote for everyone who deserves it … anyway… IF one is to be mentioned as outstanding i would vote for whiteout :slight_smile: )


This is a really great idea!

I’d like to nominate @jlpell and @neo: It’s a rare occurrence when I read a post by either of these people and don’t learn something new.


Let’s not forget @riddim humbly making all the Reddit bridges recently, and seamlessly connecting this forum to reddit with the safenetBridge software he designed from scratch :+1: purely out of love for the community :heart_eyes: I don’t mind these contests. Just look at how much it’s made us vocally appreciate each other so far! All good in my eyes


I would nominate so many people. This is haaaaard. @whiteoutmashups @Jabba @neo @happybeing @mav @tfa @polpolrene @JPL our newcomer @Shane has been inspiring. Not to mention the people that I feel just make this forum a cool place to hang like @Josh again @Jabba a lot of good spirits. I don’t think I’m helping at all :joy:


haha, undeserved but very kind @whiteoutmashups - but if you look closely I’m definitely specifically excluded from being considered for this competition in the (invisible) terms and conditions… :wink:


Amazing initiative! Thanks @SarahPentland !
I vote for @neo @dugcampbell @whiteoutmashups @DavidMc0 @happybeing and @JPL
I would like to vote for many others too. All you guys have inspired me through all your patience and competence. I feel in part changed and grown up compared to the first moment I joined the forum, thanks to all you explanations and advices. Good job guys!
And thanks for making this community unique!


@neo for his patience. @Jabba despite his impatience.


Haha how could I have missed those? :smiley:

Well at least I was able to vocalize it.
We are all so grateful for you taking it up


@neo for his undoubted knowledge. @whiteoutmashups for his perseverance. @happybeing for his wisdom.


What about the idea of giving an award to the community member who gets the most likes in a given month? Or who gives the most likes?

That seems a bit flat

Too many awesome contributors but I’ll put these ultra smart ones out there @polpolrene @neo @happybeing @Shane , and for coolness and steady-as-she-goes check out @Josh.

EDIT : not sure that came out like I wanted it to.


And of course @polpolrene

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Vote for great members of this community: @whiteoutmashups @neo @happybeing


This is a tough one with so many people here contributing last month. I think in January we may need multiple awards!

  • @JPL and @polpolrene for the awesome SAFEnetwork Primer
  • several people (sorry no time to gather your names) creating graphics for reddit, desktop wallpaper, animated gifs

I’m saving @Shane and @AndyAlban cos I think they will walk it for February! Although I can see @jlpell sneaking in at the end, and many others. There’s nobody listed on this topic who doesn’t deserve a :clap:

Also, we don’t see them so much here, but @riddim and @SalvorinFex (I think that’s the right kurt) are doing an amazing job moderating other channels, particularly the chats (riot/telegram/IRC) and the SAFEnetwork reddit.

And thank you for those who mentioned me :blush:


If the criteria is for contributions made this month then there is no doubt that these guys made the biggest contribution for the month of Jan so it is a no brainer!


So many to choose from, but this month my nomination goes to @happybeing. Always helpful and cool headed!


@JPL and @polpolrene based on the criteria.

On a diff note any chance we could designate say ‘legend’ status on certain forum members? Rob/René/Mark and others I’ve missed deserve something extra above their avatar at least (kinda like the mod shield). New users would find it useful :+1: