Community is buzzing!

I just wanted to say that the community is really buzzing at the moment and it is great to see! New faces are popping up, community devs are making fast progress and the positive word seems to be getting out there again!

Maybe the turn in the market has helped people to focus on the technology and why we are all attracted to this place? Maybe it is the result of more exposure through the new marketing team? Maybe the community is just pulling together in what seemed like a battle to be heard in a crowd? Maybe all of them? :grinning:

Either way, it is great to see! That is all… carry on! :slight_smile:


It is, and I’m having an amazing time everyday here, spending hours reading through the forum :slight_smile:
Safenet is the future, more and more people are becoming aware of it, and I feel very optimistic!
Dream big :fist:


All of the above plus the Guardian piece of course and the community members’ articles on Medium and elsewhere. I noticed a change of atmosphere a couple of months ago when everything suddenly seemed to be starting to gel.


And at the same time Maidsafecoin is bottoming in value so one would expect depression/fear etc. This is a good sign indeed! The heart is strong in this one. Positivity in life goes a long way.


This community does seem busier than usual. Talk about timing! All crypto taking a battering, especially the sheep coins.

Won’t be long until this place is buzzing all day every day with inquisition and curiosity. Which will definitely spread the word of the safenetwork more so.

Have a nice Sunday ladies and gentlemen. I’m on my second bottle of wine and feeling all sentimental.


I’m happy top see all this new energy! Having joined just a few days ago I am for sure part of this trend. Hopefully there isn’t a crash! :worried:


Welcome to the community.

Chase the technology not the cash.
Once you download the SAFENet browser, the email client and the website creator you’ll experience the substance and the value of the network.

At this point, like me, you will see any drop in $ value of the coin as a massive accumulation opertunity.

Once the network launches, I’m afraid you won’t see cheap coins ever again.

Here is a list of emails and safe:// websites on the next internet, the safe internet. Websites you can browse right now!

Edit: To add… You’ll never look back at any other coin again, you’ll immediately dump your bitcoins and start using faster coins to transfer your £€$ to an exchange that sells maidsafe coins.

I put my remaining bitcoins in to MAIDSAFE last year at sub $1000 prices, bitcoin then launched to $20,000 … Did I care… Maybe a little haha, did I really care. No. Not at all. I’m happy with my maidsafe coins.


I’m still laughing at the name, i keep on thinking about a maid being kept safe. :joy:


They are keen to push the name SAFENetwork instead for the technology itself! :slight_smile:

Maidsafe is the company contributing to the code base and the name of the foundation/charity. SAFENetwork is thing cool technology that we are eager to see grow.


Wow! Good luck and I hope it goes well! I wouldn’t have a clue about journals, but I am sure many here would love to read it.

Perhaps we need to start a distributed computing journal on SAFENetwork… dog fooding at its best! :slight_smile:


It’s an acronym. Massive Array of Internet Disks - Secure Access For Everyone.


I have focused increasingly a lot on price recently, during the market cap mania (that is now deflated). I’ve always held that both the technology and the price are important. But what if you completely disregard the price? Imagine it’s not there? All you’re left with is the technology and how it will change the world, and you can garner interest in it from there. There’s nothing wrong with Safecoin’s existence; but seeing as the world is in economic turmoil (“at least”: compared to an ideal), the rise of ‘scams everywhere trying to live as lavishly as possible’ tends to mix in with emphasizing money at all! Ironically once SAFE Network is global, distribution of wealth will come naturally, which is the end goal of economics, anyway (at least in an egalitarian sense). It’s all about constructing frames of reference!

I told my brother about the project very briefly in a couple medium-length messages. I then stated that I feel bad talking about the price: I meant that in the comparable sense of feeling so good about the entire technology rather than some coin technicality. But I realized, “I feel bad talking about the price,” could be interpreted by him as me feeling poorer (hence bad), compared to peak price. Lo and behold, his eventual response was “HODL on :slight_smile: .” So my realization was founded. Imagine if I had solely told him about the Network, as the only subject.

That’s about the crux of the entire lesson a million people should be learning from this so-feared crash.

You won’t prevent people from eventually finding out that it’s related to money—as in, digital cash is at least one of SAFE’s endless benefits—and hence perceived to be enticed by the now ever-known cryptocurrency mania, and falsely accused of holding back on all the details of why you “could” be mostly interested in the project: :moneybag: . But at least you will have shown restraint in the matter, and may be seen as respected by such.


First time I heard about maid I thought it was a coin related to tipping maids in hotels lol



The rich can afford many vaults.
Others can afford one. Maybe a few.
Most Safecoin will go to a few big farmers.
That is distribution. Not in an egalitarian sense.

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You don’t know that. Many vaults will be ran at near zero cost by people with spare resources. Until devices have no spare local storage, this dynamic is likely to persist.

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This may be the first exception in history. We can never exclude that possibility. /s

A few vaults will be run at zero cost. Compare it to bitcoin adoption? “There are currently 10317 nodes running on the Bitcoin network”. Safe Network needs lot more than that.

“Many vaults” will happen when adoption will happen. Adoption will happen when people say: “I can make money with this!” Then: Rich people join, with many vaults.

Unrealistic? Lord Patrick reads an article in the Times while sipping his morning tea, and thinks: “It says I can make £x with one and it says it’s perfectly scalable. So, I can make 100,000 times £x with a 100,000. I wonder…” Turns to his retainer: “James! Get me 100,000 of these… ‘vaults’ by tomorrow!” (“Yes, milord!”) The following weekend, he tells about his new toy enterprise to Lord Afton, who thinks it’s a splendid idea and installs 1,000,000 vaults to pay for the heating for the stables (he’s heating it by running 50,000 bitcoin miner ASIC rigs under the floor.)

The story is to tell that entering this market for rich people is very simple, not that an English lord would really do. If they can make money, they will come. With big investments.

So the millions of average joes out there learn that they can make safecoin from running a vault and it’ll cost them no more than what it costs them now to run their PCs.

But for some unknown reasin they will say “Oh I am not rich so I cannot run a vault and earn some coin for no (significant) extra cost and no significant effort And I’ll leave it to the 5% rich to run 20 vaults and earn coins”

You do realise that to run extra vaults not on your spare resources is going to cost a lot compared to the home guy. And its possible that the datacentre farm is only going to just break even, They get more money selling VMs to others.

The point is that the small guy (millions to billion potential) can still make coin according to the resources he/she supplies. And in the proportion to the datacentre vaults resources. Except the datacentre then pays for aircon, electricity, ec 100% since its not spare.

So it will be profitable for the small guy to run his/her one or two vaults.

That means the millions of vaults the datacentres might provide will be matched and maybe exceeded by the home farmers 10 to 1


The millions of average Joes will not know about it. And will not care about it. (But a few thousands will.)

If a million of average Joes install a vault, a few big fish can match them with their hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands of vaults, on cheap as dirt custom hardware, probably payed by government grants because “they further the free internet” (of course it’s just their friends giving them free money).

The million average Joes will now know about it and care about it.

You do realize. If just one company starts building custom hardware for this in bulk with lowest sufficient specs for each component, it can be a better and simpler investment than selling VMs to others on expensive computers on complex infrastructure with complex administration requirements?

A Safe Farm would need: a) Power. b) Networking. c) A guy to replace the broken units once a week.

Never before was there a lower barrier of entry for an industrial scale money making machine. It will be very easy for a few big fish to match millions of home users. I may be the first one to try.

Cynical? Maybe. Also: Realistic.

You make a few assumptions in your argument’s favor

Assumption 1 that is challenged.

Its like saying most don’t know about facebook, or phone apps, or google.

Of course once the word is out that the SAFE network they are using can have vaults at home and installed with a single click and supplying their account ID and it’ll earn them SAFEcoin, I can tell you all the school kids will be installing it at home. All the office workers will install it at home and attempt to do it at work too I bet.

Assumption 2 assumes the home user will not buy these too like they buy printers or phones or wifi routers or many other technology things they know nothing about their workings.

So no reason the home user cannot take advantage of the 50$ vault to which they add their USB drive.

And that still costs money, something the home user will not be paying much more of. And no labour costs either. Nor paying for fire alrams, burglar alarms, security, rates, aircon, etc

And every reason home users by their millions will outstrip the industry.

Oh and hae you thought that the 100’s of millions of home users will be accessing the internet backbone through 100s of ISP per country/region (10000’s of) as compared to the datacentres that have their large connections but very limited in number. So the datacentres will not be the sole able vault owner.

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You do realize you’re arguing against how everything in history have worked out so far on the basis of specific idealistic points?