Community Initiative Program (CIP)

I would love to invest into MaidSafe in other ways besides MAID or the Safecoin (once available). I’m sure there are many other supporters who found MAID-Safe after all the fundraising has occurred. If there is ever a possibility of doing another round, not out of need, but to give an opportunity to us late folks :slight_smile: . That would be welcomed by many. Not trying to dilute any shares already out there, maybe a different class or something…? I also understand the benefits for the folks already invested to not have another round, so this is me being a tad selfish :smiley:

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You’re not the only one. Unfortunately I didn’t have much to invest last time. Now would be perfect. But that’s life. What’s always good to remember is that no serious entrepreneur wants to do fundraising. It’s not something you do because you would love to “help” people with enough money to invest it for years to get even more. It’s usually a necessity to be able to do what you really want to do. It’s weird enough that some people can actually live from throwing their money around and letting others do the work. My not so humble opinion :slight_smile:

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I’ve been interested in your work since 2014; I think I found out about it in spring.
I’d like to build a dialogue with this community. I see room for improvement in how you manage e.g. your communication data. Which decision-maker would discuss with me the benefits your team seeks, so that we find out what things you value and you would prefer to buy from me?
When we discuss my benefits, we’d consider the fact that I’m eager to use your services and enjoy improved computing.

I invite you to this conversation. We can find out what transactions are possible between us.

Hi Julian, what do you have in mind?

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Reading through this thread with comments of 2 years of age(2017) I think it will be important to reflect and figure out the:

  1. What went wrong
  2. What went right
  3. Where to go from here

Reflection/Retrospection is key to growth and improvement. In MaidSafe case, I personally think there has been a great deal of too much trying to do too much at once, maybe even some perfectionism at play or too much debate on implementations rather than incremental constant releases and letting external testing in the wild guide the finalized implementation. Context switching for devs and multiple teams trying to work in parallel yields poor results generally when no given implementation is concrete enough that the other team can trust the dependency getting worked on won’t constantly keep changing its interface, producing constant rework across multiple complex code bases.

Just my own opinions from the far outside looking in from what I have seen over the last 2 years or so following the project and updates. If I had to say where MaidSafe goes from here, there are likely hard decisions ahead and a narrowing of focus for engineering. SAFE needs these 3 things from what I understand at its core:

  1. Secure routing among peers (current work being done still)
  2. Vaults to store/deliver the data integrated with routing
  3. Safecoin to incentivize the ecosystem

^ These feel like the big milestones each to me.

Smaller things but necessary:

  1. The user interfaces that allow the auth into the network and how to manage and view ones safecoin.(This may be the existing Safe Browser/Authenticator stuff, likely will need more work before MVP)

  2. The technique MaidSafe will engineer to allow the migration off MaidSafe coin to SafeCoin.

And of course to achieve all these I am not listing the tons of underlying bits. From malice at routing, to node aging techniques that occur among vaults for “farming”, data replication. And all the complexity around what it will take to integrate safecoin into it all and have proper rate limiting techniques on tx’s with safecoin. Not to mention software/network upgrades which is challenging too(I am missing 10-50 others too likely which would be good to bullet point out and get documented as well on the requirements). But that is what I understand to be the objective of SAFE. I think weekly updates should focus on whats being done to directly achieve those 3 goals above and the little underlyings they take. Otherwise we are drifting into the non-mvp needs that are fun to tinker with but not getting the core deliverables complete.