Community funding

While others decide on a plan for marketing, we as a community could raise some funds to help make it happen.
I would encourage you all to start using the Brave browser and earn BAT by watching targeted ads. Use Brave properly with a Pi-hole and these are the ONLY ads you will see.

@Dimitar has already signed up this site with Brave Rewards and a small amount has been added to his fund for several months now. We know this can be a good way of earning from our users, now would be the time to make sure everyone is contributing, not just a couple of us. You can set a monthly tip to go to the site or simply make tips as and when you feel like it

This screenshot shows I have sent all my available BAT and need to wait for my January earnings to be credited before I can send more.

Would it be possible for a badge to be awarded to those who contribute via Brave? If we promote this properly, there is the potential to earn ~$500 month assuming that 200 forum readers sign up. And they are making their browsing experience safer until we get a SAFE internet.


I only have one issue with bat, I’ve installed brave a few times, but only ever once did it link the wallet properly, so only once I actually got bat.
Sometimes it seems to screw up and you never end up earning any bat.


I need to reinstall/configure correctly on my Android but it Just Worked for me on the desktop machine. Brave is becoming a more important player now, I expect their customer support should be able to help

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I was on desktop each time I tried.
I searched interwebs but only found ppl with same issue and no solution.


report it here


I’ll try a new install first, been a year ish, maybe all better now.