Community Exchange Listing Fund

No we won’t. It’s completely different.

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When you have a wrapped token you can use it for whatever you want. Once we have a decentralized wrapping system, we can use it for both MAID and Safe tokens.

@DeusNexus you did research on the topic, can you comment please.

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Up to a point, I agree with these sentiments. I’m against overblown marketing, against hyping up at all cost, let alone misleading people just to sell them a big fat nothing, but CEX listing?

There is this strange, almost unnatural dichotomy between “delivering value” and “value of the coin” going on here for years, and I believe a lot of people fail to see they’re synergically intertwined, and that not everything that may increase the value of the coin with no immediate dev advance behind it must therefore hurt it.

The moment MaidSafe launched the ICO, they entered a speculative market. They sold an idea, not a finished product. That’s why I believe taking the “let’s finish the product first and maybe value comes later” approach is not fully sincere. There is this presumption that trying to increase the value of MAID goes against the development efforts, but how does that stand any ground? Without MAID having a value, there would be no development by now. Would tanking the price hurt the product? Absolutely. Why pretend increasing it would have the same effect? Makes no sense. And why should people possibly capitalizing on price increase feel guilty? Because it would happen prior to the launch? Well, so did their investment.

I respect the way you present your reasons. I agree with almost all respective points, but I disagree that CEX listing, let alone CEX listing and enabling ERC20 conversion at once would hurt us in any way. But since I believe it’s deeply irrational and can’t be really argued rationally, I also think that arguing this (only this ofc) with people who share your sentiment is a waste of everyone’s time.


I agree with you on most of this. I believe there is a lot of idealism and anti capitalism thinking about coin value. That’s fine, all opinions are valid. However I 100 percent believe that once people are aware of this technology it will be copied and marketed way better. If that project can generate better market incentive and provide equal technology then i think it will win. It doesn’t really matter if they do though as the world wins whoever delivers the vision.


You beat me to it :slight_smile:

Not sure if there is a better place for this, but I think most would agree that getting access to the current blockchain/erc20/etc market has more benefits than cons. If this is not figured out and we can’t provide mass liquidity now or after launch, what would stop XRP or ETH, etc… from taking the safenet tech and creating an exchange for ETH to “SafeETH”. This provides liquidity for a huge user base to use the new tech? Why would folks wait for the Safenet to grow organically?

This is discussed in great detail in this topic:

Privacy. Security. Freedom

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This suggests that CEX listing is no great effort, but from what I’ve gathered it will take millions of dollars provided by this small community, as well as a massive legal and paperwork effort from the team themselves. After all that, we will have one additional listing for a temporary proxy coin, and we would like 5? @Sotros25 said it will take between $500k and 2.5m to get listed on 5 exchanges, plus marketing costs. This seems like a lot to ask from the community / company, although maybe I’m wrong in that. It seems to me that a lot of these issues stem from having the token on OMNI, making it inaccessible to devs / traders and annoying for CEXs.
If we choose to drive both CEX listings and ERC20 tokens, then will both eMAID and MAID be listed on all the exchanges simultaneously? Does it not get very confusing when there’s multiple platforms? Will we be continuing to address issues related to OMNI for years? Is all of this even worth it for a temporary proxy token?
Also seeing as this is a forum of people who are all excited about the same thing, perhaps do not imply that everyone who disagrees with you is “deeply irrational” and their sentiments are “a waste of everyone’s time”.


maybe with an agreement to transition to host the real coin though… worth a shot.

Just getting ~2 more to start would have a positive impact. With the level of interest that has been indicated, I think that’s an achievable target.


Why do most people go for the original over the copy?

Even exact copies are held in far less esteem.

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Is 23 a player number?
Whenever I see 23 I think it’s a reference to spiral tribe.
Sorry, off topic.

Original is best.


Absolutely an exact copy in every sense is very strongly considered “fake” and not “real”.
But it is real, you can touch it, smell it, wear it… yet emotionally it is not real and its value is far less.

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Plus the finished article in software never exists and who wants a fake with zero experienced Engineers updating their network. Over time this part will change, but initially it will be glaringly obvious.


I have seen mostly the Uniswap vampire attack as the argument for a copy.
But with the Uniswap example enticing joe bloggs to move their liquidity until a better yield is offered elsewhere is entirely different to expecting developers to put huge effort and expense into building on a copy.


There wont be any expense if the copy becomes a money making machine from hype alone. Just like so many crypto projects have done. If the copy has created huge wealth from speculation then there will be vast sums invested in application development business. Hopefully Safe will achieve some wealth creation to fuel an economy around it but if it doesn’t and a copy does my money is on the copy. All the best engineers would be poached. Almost everyone has a price apart from those who can afford not to.


23 was Michael Jordan’s number; considered by many to be the GOAT in basketball!


Which copy of bitcoin comes close?
Which Ethereum killer comes close?

Yes there are some that hold value but to most they are a joke.
I dont deny that a copy will hold some value.

Edit: we are way off topic here… :grimacing: sorry @Sotros25

This is a good point. From economical perspective of MAID/SFT holders, it’s pretty complicated, because hype masterminds like Ripple Labs could throw a fat wad at developing “our” networks according to their “tastes” and get it off the ground way quicker, hell, they could probably even cause some devs departure on our side, and it’s easy to see why people think this might hurt us, but by the same token, it may actually market us, albeit as an alternative only.

Philosophically, maybe SAFE Network done by someone else actually goes hand in hand with the decentralization ethics, and more people doing autonomous networks with a little tweak here and there is exactly what we want, as it would prevent… centralized approach to decentralization. Maybe a bit of fragmentation is what we want, so these autonomous networks combined create this autonomous complex that has always been out of hand of any individual to a greater degree than Safe Network would be in itself, precisely because it was never a purpose.

Bitcoin would be easy to shoot down as a pretend-decentralized protocol if its open source nature didn’t help generate so many variations that actually bite away some of BTC’s MC. It’s complicated.

That’s not what I mean though. It seems to me there is zero room for a mind changing argument one way or another in this case. People who believe CEX listing is a good idea are likely to keep their belief, just as the people vehemently opposing are. That’s why I think discussing it is mainly a waste of time. That’s just my opinion. Discussing it over here is a waste of space, objectively. This thread attempts to find out whether there even is the necessary will to financially back another listing from the community’s pocket. Spamming it with arguments for or against listing itself in principle seems nonsensical. If the community is willing to support it financially, we can discuss all of that somewhere else.

I meant crypto projects have created vast sums of money from hype not that a copy has been more successful.


Sure fair point. But why would someone who has 30gb of files they want to upload wait for enough SNTs to be farmed, if they can go to the copy cat and use BTC to load all instantly?