Community Engagement Program v0.1

See this topic for the latest version of the Community Engagement Program

During the course of the last couple of weeks we have been working on a CEP (Community Engagement Program). We plan to start the CEP next week, but would appreciate your input to the proposed process prior to doing so. By commenting into this thread with any concerns, thoughts, suggested improvements, you will provide us with a fresh perspective which will further refine the process.

The CEP is essentially an experiment to see if this way of working is both effective and scalable moving forward, only by running cycling through this way of working will we truly understand its feasibility. The CEP will not replace the bounty program, which is more effective for smaller and specific pieces of work.

The purpose of the CEP is to match developers with immediate and fundamental SAFE Network requirements. This will take the form of a community funded ‘Kickstarter’ like process to encourage developers, artists and others to form teams to bid for projects, accessing part of the 5 million available MAID fund for bounties, community projects…etc put forward within the MaidSafeCoin announcement, released a couple of weeks ago.

Each project will be identified up front as being in demand and then teams (or individuals) will propose a costed solution (in MAID) for each small proposal. It is anticipated that these will be mostly small (6 weeks or less) projects and will primarily cover end user applications, but may also include core components.

It is important to note that apps made as part of the Community Engagement Process will not be safecoin earning, so they will be effectively paid as core rewards. In this sense, the term ‘core’ refers more toward features/functionality seen to be of high importance to the network, as opposed to applications as found in the most wanted app threads on the forum…etc… The CEP will not compete with app funding or crowdfunded projects providing applications on SAFE. It is purely for projects deemed to be core requirements of the network.

Applicants will be responding to a set of requirements established initially by MaidSafe and adapted as take into account community feedback to the process. The community themselves will of course complement and expand on this process as it becomes more established, incorporating community based proposals. It is the intention that CEP projects will be 50% funded by MaidSafe and 50% by the community. If applications achieve less than 100% of the projected costs, it is up to them if they proceed. MaidSafe will assign a member of the company, whose skills and experience best suit the project, to oversee and act as the main point of contact.

In time, we anticipate that a number of these proposals will run in tandem, however, we intend on only running one project at a time initially as the process is established.

It is suggested that keeping the approach simple and using as few new tools as possible would be advantageous. Using the forum would keep community communication in one place and will ensure maximum participation. The following is proposed:

  • Under the ‘Features’ category, two new forum sub categories will be created: ‘Projects’ and ‘Proposal applications’. These forum threads will be more heavily moderated than other parts of the forum to keep the discussions very specific.
  • New and desirable features/apps are identified and approved by MaidSafe and/or the community, by voting. These will be documented and added into the ‘Projects’ sub category within the forum. Each new feature will have its own thread where the community and the prospective applicant(s) can ask questions to clarify any points.
  • An applicant has two weeks (application period) to submit a proposal for their chosen feature. Applications will be posted in ‘proposal applications’ and each will have its own thread within which anyone in the community will have the opportunity to question the applicants about any part of their proposal.
  • At the end of the application period, a MaidSafeCoin wallet will be set up for each of the proposal applicants. These wallets will be controlled by MaidSafe.
  • Both MaidSafe and individual members of the community will vote by sending MAID to the most compelling application if it is something they are willing to support. This voting period will last for 1 week.
  • The successful applicant will be the one whose wallet has collected the most MAID and the total of all wallets that relate to new feature/app request will be transferred into the wallet designated for the successful applicant and paid on completion of the work and/or agreed project milestone.

Potential Projects
The project of the highest priority is a SAFE Network specific browser, providing a secure way of enabling access to publicly available data is of primary importance. Consequently, this will be the first project that we run through this process. Other potential projects are as follows:

  • Core → setup GitPay type system for MAID & later safecoin
  • Core → Integrate and build payments/vote and sign off site for CEP process (edited to fix typo)
  • C.I → Increase tier 1 and 2 coverage to include further OS support / architectures (mirror rust release of compilers and std lib triples)
  • C.I → Docker deployment (poss 80% complete)
  • Vault deployment → Azure integration
  • Vault deployment → Amazon integration
  • Vault deployment → Google integration
  • Vault deployment → Arm (hard float and soft float) Integration (likely just test and package)
  • Client → iPhone package SDK
  • Client → Android package NDK
  • Messaging app
  • Multi protocol crust

The content of each proposal is up to each applicant. Demonstrating experience, the cost, capability and competency (maybe even a proof of concept) is likely to resonate well with potential supporters. The proposal could take many forms, if you are unsure what works best Kickstarter offer some advice in this area.


  • Like any other community member, MaidSafe may choose not to support any of the proposal applications. It may also be the case that some projects are 100% funded without MaidSafe’s support. Alternatively, there may be some projects that MaidSafe funds without community backing, if it’s desirable for the core protocols and network.
  • All applications will be costed by each applicant.
  • The project payment will be made upon completion by MaidSafe and with any community groups/admins of the CEP.
  • Part payments may be also be made in larger projects, once agreed milestones have been met.
  • The MaidSafe project lead will verify that the agreed project objectives/milestones have been met on behalf of the community. This will include running proof of concept and/or finished projects on a test net, or on the main network (if running by that time), for acceptance by the wider community. Part of this process will involve a basic security audit on the code.
  • If project proposals end up overfunded then it will be expected they also achieve any stretch goals laid out in their proposal. We also anticipate a faster more focussed delivery in this case.
  • Just to be clear, MaidSafe are not soliciting private approaches for MAID funding, proposals should only be sent in response to a request for proposal.


  • Features or fixes that integrate directly with or are part of the core libraries must adopt the dual license and the applicant must agree to the contributor agreement.
  • Applications and libraries that do not use the SAFE core libraries API are free to choose any acceptable open source or Creative Commons license.
  • Project support may be withdrawn by the community, and/or MaidSafe, if a project misses agreed milestones, falls into a period of inactivity, or something outside the project’s control makes successful delivery untenable.

Thanks for your help!


Typo (CPE):

Integrate and build payments/vote and sign off site for CPE process


Aaaannnddd for once it was not me (I hope).


Typo (Aaaannnddd):

Should be ‘And’.


Actually I take it back, guess what? It was me :smiley: :smiley: Just realised. Sorry @nicklambert for casting asparagus on yer salad :wink:


I think this is a great idea—very exciting! I imagine some tweaking will be needed down the line, but this seems really well-thought-out for now. Looking forward to seeing how the discussion evolves … :slight_smile:


Looks neat. I personally think it may be a bit premature, but that’s just my cynical self. Also, I am curious how apps are prevented from earning safecoin (e.g. can’t you fork it and do whatever)? The idea seems right of course (granted I think the app should be able to earn safecoin as that may subsidize continued maintenance, but meh).

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If it is part of core (which it would be) then the maintainers will earn core rewards. I think that may be OK, but yes maintenance is something we did discuss in today’s meeting about this.


Ah, wasn’t paying attention to this part. I would be curious how the app would be distributed then (i.e. vetted/owned/hosted by whom, embedded w/ the vault/launcher, etc) but it’s not a big deal since I know this is just for obtaining proposals at this point.

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The DAO use this for proposals & voting looks easy

This could also be helpfull for crowdfunding, maybe

BTW I have a SAFE application in mind, but I would also like to put in my own funds

P.S. this CEP is real fun, finally we’re starting to get some action :stuck_out_tongue:

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So we have (a) an identified top priority (b) one winner

All proposals go to one area of priority…I like it.

Scrap the rest.


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My family has been gearing up to offer astronaut ice cream exclusively on maidsafe. But until it’s live they were going to sell on open bazar and commit the proceeds to maidsafe. They need $2,600 in operational costs covered before they refocus their industry on maid safe. Would such a sensation be applicable under this program?

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I see the CEP as helping to provide functionality or features to a group of users or developers, rather than fund an individual company. So for example, enabling non technical users to set up any type of e-commerce store on the SAFE Network might be something that we (MaidSafe and the community) consider.


Do you think there will be a big market for astronaut ice cream on Maidsafe?


I foresee that winning applications will mainly be selected according to the popularity of their promoters rather than the technical merit of the presentation. While many people will “vote” for the technically best presentation, somewhat more will vote according to personal feeling and affiliation. I conclude that because of what I see on the forums with “likes”, where someone presents some technical accomplishment, and A will get ten times more likes than B, yet A’s technical accomplishment wasn’t clearly better than B’s, and most of the voters have no intention of using A’s technical data, nor read it in detail - they just want to participate and make themselves heard.

That’s how it will be. So unless you were accustomed to winning popularity contests in high school (I wasn’t) then it’s a waste of time to stay up late at night working up the best possible presentation. You will be passed over in favor of the merely adequate presentation from the more popular candidate.

The way ahead, for me at least, is to build finished products, without regard to crowdfunding contests - services that people use because they are convenient and fill a need, and the customers might not even know who is behind it.


The purpose of each project having a separate thread where they are publicly queried about their proposed approach by people with technical knowledge will enable non technical members to understand how well considered each proposal is. I don’t think this is will eradicate the problem, but it should mitigate it. As we said in the post, this is very much an experiment that we are compelled to try and if it doesn’t work out we will find another way.


Unless it can avoid being just another social media, Facebook with Maidsafecoins, then I won’t waste my time.

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I’d buy some - if the price was right


Spoken like a true Scotsman :slight_smile: !