Community Engagement application for COVID-19 isolation

There is going to be a need for new techniques and applications to help people isolated by the Coronavirus. I had been thinking of a type of ‘virtual village’ community app for the SAFE Network (have a basic URD) but does anybody fancy doing some development now to help the current situation? Features could include:

  1. A skills and tools loan library. Advertised: Tools, materials, skills and labour offered. (e.g. happy to cut your lawn if you are ill). Wanted : help needed by location, time and priority (e.g. I need some shopping done sometime this week or I need help now due to XYZ who is near and free? - you could see an Uber type GPS based facility working here).
  2. Social interaction facilitation. There are a number of tools like Rocket.Chat, Zoom and Skype that will allow video/voice/chat but they could do with some sort of orchestration facility. (e.g. I am bored/lonely and want to chat to someone about XYZ. This might not need to be someone local but if you base this on a local community - a ‘village’ - then people can be ‘vouched for’ and the friend-of-friend system gives confidence - so will need identity and access management. Vouching / rating system?). Simulate ‘drop in’ type events. Meet for a drink in a virtual ‘pub’ perhaps.
  3. Check my CCTV for me. If I had a few cameras up can I give you temporary access to check my place for my (maybe only outside…).
  4. I want to go out for a walk. Use GPS to help avoid bumping into people marked as ‘precautionary social distancing’.
  5. Ideas. Section for promoting/voting/commenting on ideas for helping the local community.
  6. News. Bulettin page to list local events.
  7. Preferably all based on open source software and hardware (e.g. a Raspberry Pi in absence of the SAFE Network?). So something simple that the non-technical can just plug into their TVs. The Multis will be pushing their Echo Shows, Portals and Nest Hubs. This will be another chance for them to dominate and capture everyone’s data…