Community Effort to Launch ERC20 MAID

Nope. That must have been the mistake I made.

Why not then discontinue the entire OMNI project and start anew with ERC20 tokens?


It’s been discussed alot and there are many reasons.
It would be work for the team who are concentrating on launch. Many are happy with maid on omni and don’t want to have to convert. Contacting all owners to let them know would be difficult.

creating a ERC20 coin, set up a website/exchange/address that you send your omni coins to be burned and exchanged for Maid ERC20. Kinda like coinswitch works and when the network is actually up an running, you can use the same website/exchange to burn either the ERC20 or the Omni coins. we will know if something is fishy if the coins in the burner address and the omni address don’t add up to the total amount of maidsafe coins in existence. I thought getting the real network coins it would work the same way. we can just recycle the process.

note we shouldn’t trust anything that hasn’t come out of the maidsafe team.
like Billy Joel Says “it’s just a matter of trust”

Yes, it can be done, but it would be alot of extra work from the team and they are focusing on launch.
Only omni maid will be converted to snt at launch.
As I said, this has all been previously discussed.

you are right, maybe after the test net. but in my opinion this is part of launch. no? I have been asked by friends about getting maidsafe coins (I live in the States) and I can’t even get more for myself because the options are very limited (even with bitcoin in hand) and I understand that this doesn’t affect the rest of the world and that it’s been discussed and that there’s ways around it with VPNs. but having accessible coins would speed up adoption, help with test nets, reduce the cost of acquiring coins, increase the price of each coin, getting people excited and invested emotionally in it.

unless we are not sure we are going live soonish, because if that’s the case then we should just stay below the radar until we are closer to launch.

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Anyone looked at BoringDAO?

I do feel for those in the states, its not a good situation and wish they had easier access.
As for it being part of launch I don’t see how.
Were not sure yet how conversion will happen, but we won’t need a website on the clearnet.
A snapshot could be taken and ppl could claim their snt by verifying they own that address by signing a message.
Maid could be sent to a burn address with a message stating their sn address they want the snt sent to.
So anything beyond that is just extra work and risk for the team.

“The community can propose new assets tunnels as long as the deposit requirements are met.” - BoringDAO

This is the only hurdle to making this work. I think it is worth a shot.

Deposit requirements are quite high, 200%+
So to convert 1mill maid you would need to deposit 1mill maid plus alot of $bor.
How many ppl will still be interested with such a high deposit?

Any more progress with this?

Hello @DeusNexus

Hey sorry for the late reply! I’m waiting for update on Wrapped from @Sotros25
I can still proceed with my approach but if they got a much better alternative that is sustainable in long-term and maybe already proven to work I will not put in a lot of effort if they will release something in near future. Currently the gas prices on ethereum are pretty high anyways, hopefully ETH 2.0 will solve it.


It won’t solve it, but everything is exporting little by little to sidechains like matic / polygon…

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Check Harmony(one)

Wrapped hasn’t been as forthcoming as I’d like. I’m hoping that energy once the testnet is released (plus the increased volume from P2PB2B) will give them confidence to move forward more quickly.